Author: Gunny

Change of Plans, Welcome Back Vance Street

6 PAX joined the QIC on a warm muggy morning. Sweat was everywhere. PAX: Squid, Risky Business, Ricochet, Grandmaster, Schnitzel, Big Tuna Q: Gunny Warmarromma: Side Straddle Hops BSN IST Windmill Arm Circles The Thang: Moseyed to Vance Street hill for suicides. Exercises included KoreKillers x 5 KGB’s (Russian Twist) x 10IC Freddie Mercs x […]

The Immaculate Reception

The Immaculate Reception When: 5/7/22 Where: Kannon 20 PAX joined the Q for a perfect morning of Ultimate Frisbee. The temp 55 degrees, the sun was out, and the playing field was slightly damp from recent irrigation, but it couldn’t of been better. YHC had put in the call to the Concord MQ a couple […]

Classic Rock Block Beatdown!

Classic Rock Block Beatdown! When: 4/23/22 Where: Kannon 4 PAX and a Q showed on a perfect morning, ready for pain PAX: Sir Topham, Java, Snowman, Cupid Q: Phidip Warm-Up: Slapjacks Windmills Plank Jacks Thang: Tabata workout of 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest, working down the list until 10 exercises are complete. Drop concrete block […]

Plank Plank Plank

6 PAX joined YHC in the gloom with perfect temps. The Q was back from a short hiatus and ready to get things in gear. Q: Gunny PAX: Grandmaster, Snowman, Risky Buisness, Schnitzel, Java, and Heisenberg. Warmaroma Moseyed to Veterans Memorial: 20 x SSH IC 15 x Windmills IC 15 x IST IC 10 x […]

Tabata Tuesday

4 PAX joined YHC for a below freezing morning beatdown. Surprisingly no complaints on the temp. Q: Gunny PAX: Grandmaster, Squid, Cupid, The Burg Warmaroma Stayed at the corner. High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karaoke 20 x SSH IC 15 x Windmills 15 x IST IC 10 x BSN IC Arm Circles THE THANG PAX used […]

How Much You Got Baby

6 PAX joined YHC for a cold morning beatdown. It wasn’t long before the PAX got warmed up. Q: Gunny PAX: Risky Business, The Temp, Grandmaster, Loafer, Schnitzel, Chicken Strip Warmaroma Mosey to the flags at the Veterans Memorial. 20 x SSH IC 15 x Hillbillies IC 15 x BSN IC Arm Circles THE THANG […]

Morning Medley

3 PAX joined the QIC for a cold parking lot beatdown. Q: Gunny PAX: Squid, Risky Business Warmaroma 20xSSH IC 15xIST IC 10x Wind Mills IC 10xBSN IC THE THANG Three exercise medley. Between exercises run to the end of the AMTRAK parking lot and back to starting point. PAX completed 2 rounds of the […]