Author: Big Blue

Peep Show with out Peeping Tom

Pax – Guinness, Kokomo, Spaz, Kojak, TerribleTowel, Shooter, Phidippedes, BigBlue   Warm-a-rama Couple of laps around the parking lot, quadraphelia, karaoke, high skip, side to side Circle up – IST IC * 12, Windmills IC * 10, MC IC * 20 Motivator – 9 full SSH, 9 half SSH, 9 just legs, 9 hops, 8 […]

Humid Gassers

Pax: Zacchaeus Spaz Iron City hop_hunter CPAP Opie Phidippedes Kojak hokie_pokie Geppetto Bravo PeepingTom  terribletowel Shooter bigblue   Warm-arama: Mosey around parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers, karaoke and high skips thrown in. SSH IC x 20, IST IC x 15, Slow Merkin IC x 15, MC IC x 20, Wind Mill IC x 10 Mosey […]

Pain Train

Backblast 5/18/22   12 men showed at Afton to take a ride on the Pain Train!   PAX: @Big Tuna @bigblue @PeepingTom @Iron City @Geppetto @hokie_pokie @Opie @Spaz @hop_hunter @Kojak @Bravo QIC: @Phidippedes   WU: Run to doc’s parking lot and make the following circuit: Short Side 1: Bear Crawl Long Side 1: High Skips […]

Classic F3 Beatdown

Pax: Hop Hunter, Spaz, Audit, Big Blue, Moolah, Shooter, Guinness, Hokie Pokie, 4-Wide Runners/Ruckers: Bravo, Huggy Bear, ChaChi, Ringo   Warm-arama: Mosey around tennis courts and then into tennis courts. SSH IC x 15, IST IC x 15, Wind Mill IC x 10, MC IC x 20 Mosey across street to Medical Buildings   The […]

The Burgh’s Amen Corner Workout

17 men showed, knowing a world of pain awaited on a gentle April morning….   PAX: Stiches, Spaz, Terrible Towel, Peeping Tom, Hokie Pokie, Opie, Guinness, Moolah, Kojak, Big Blue, Bravo, Iron City, Zaccheau, Gepetto, Hop Hunter, Shooter QIC: Phidippedes Warmorama: The usual lap around the parking lot, plus bear crawls..   THANG (1) In […]

No Burpee Pre Creek Cleanup

Since it seems some of the pax gets tired of doing burpees, I personally don’t understand it, I planned a beat down with no burpees.  However, some of the pax insists on clapping, even for windmills, so a 5 burpee penalty per clapper was charged.  I believe there might have been more than 2 clappers […]

Big Blue Burbee Bonanza Beat down

Pax: Fairy Godfather, Fidel, Sprig, Layover, Little Kahuna, Opie, Spaz, Shooter, Hop Hunter, Tugboat Willie, Iron City, Cha-Chi, Audit At 6:55 it was myself and 5 out of town visitors.  I thought it was going to be a poor showing from the locals.  A few more locals showed up before 7:00. Disclaimer was given and […]

Respect Friday

PAX – Opie, Geppetto, Zacchaeus, Audit, Spaz, Big Blue 5 Other respects came out to see what I had in store for my first Free-Style Friday. I didn’t know that Free-Style Friday was a respect only work-out but that must explain the relatively low numbers.  Since I’m not a rucker and I normally do a […]

Is This When the Fun Starts

Its been a long time since I had a Saturday Q, possibly last year about this same time.  Not use to providing 60 minutes of fun instead of only 45 but I thought I was up for the challenge. 8 eager PAX gathered in the gloom, I assured them it would be fun, short disclaimer […]

Believe it or Not

Some said it couldn’t be done.  Some said it wouldn’t be done.  But I successfully Q’d an entire beat down with no burpees.  No more comments about Big Blue Burpeemanias (at least until my next Q).  Thanks for coming out. Warm-arma: Take a couple laps around the parking lot with high knees, butt kickers and […]