Peep Show with out Peeping Tom

Pax – Guinness, Kokomo, Spaz, Kojak, TerribleTowel, Shooter, Phidippedes, BigBlue



Couple of laps around the parking lot, quadraphelia, karaoke, high skip, side to side

Circle up – IST IC * 12, Windmills IC * 10, MC IC * 20

Motivator – 9 full SSH, 9 half SSH, 9 just legs, 9 hops, 8 full SSH, 8 half … down to 1 of each


The Thang

Mosey across the street.

Patty Cake Merkins – 1 lap around building, 15 patty cake merkins with a different partner at each corner

Escalators – 1 lap, 20 escalators IC at each corner

Everest – 1 lunge, 1 squat up the hill at entrance to medical buildings

Plank Jacks – 1 lap, 15 (avg) plank jacks IC at each corner

Squats – 1 lap, 20 squats OYO at each corner

Hand Release Release Merkins –  1 lap, 10 HRRM at each corner

Obamas – 4 bear crawl, 4 merkins until you get to the speed bump (4 and 4 for the 44th president, TT said it was a stretch… log your complaint with the Exicon)

Walk like an Egyptian – in single file line, all Pax does lunge with right leg, hold in down position as last in line runs to front, every one does left leg lunge, hold, last in line runs to front, repeat across parking lot.



Mosey back to big shelter for Mary. Crunchy frog IC x 20, Homer to Marge, dolly, flutter medley, 1 minute plank



Prayers for healing for Peeping Tom’s wife, for Lewis, for all those who could not make it out because of physical or mental problem, for all those traveling, for all those suffering mental illness and their families.



We missed Peeping Tom for his beatdown VQ this morning, not to worry, you’ll get another opportunity soon.  The PAX was looking forward to the promised Peep Show, so I tried my best to deliver.  I’m sure it wasn’t as good as what PT had planned, but I think everyone got their monies worth.  Always a pleasure to lead this crew!