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IPC Medley

I knew the BRR runners had missed the first couple weeks of the IPC because they were running the pitchfork as they trained for the BRR and were really sad about missing the IPC. In an attempt to cheer them up, I decided to give them a little IPC Medley, including exercises from the first […]

The Pitchfork

Pax: @Exit54 @Maddog @Clueless @Wexler @Tbone @Pharoah @HopHunter @PapaJohn @Bonvoy @Battery @Bearclaw @Geppetto @Dr.Lecter @Zin QIC: @Othello FNG’s: 0 Count: 15 YHC posted a preblast the night before stating temps would be around 66, there will be a large BRR contingent in the gloom, and that I would be there at 0500 for a pre-run-warm-up […]

Peep Show with out Peeping Tom

Pax – Guinness, Kokomo, Spaz, Kojak, TerribleTowel, Shooter, Phidippedes, BigBlue   Warm-a-rama Couple of laps around the parking lot, quadraphelia, karaoke, high skip, side to side Circle up – IST IC * 12, Windmills IC * 10, MC IC * 20 Motivator – 9 full SSH, 9 half SSH, 9 just legs, 9 hops, 8 […]

The “173/192” workout

The PAX: Kojak, Rickshaw, Geppetto, Hokie Pokie, Opie, Big Blue, Zacchaeus, Iron City, Phidippedes, Spaz Q: Spaz   In celebration of the opening of the first Dairy Queen on June 22, 1940, we set out to burn enough calories to validate a visit to the DQ.   Warm-a-rama Mosey a lap around the parking lot and circle up […]

Remembering our Brother!

The PAX: Spaz, Rickshaw, Geppetto, 2/5’s, Chachi, Rooster, Moolah. Run Flat, Hokie Pokie, Huggy Bear, Shooter, Tugboat Willie, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   The Celebration of Life for Damon Hudgens “AMWAY” was on Friday evening.  It was an emotional night and a reminder of how much our brother is missed.  YHC left the event […]

Friday Freestylin and Profilin

The PAX:  Spaz, Opie, IronCity, Zacchaeus, Phidippedes, Rickshaw, Peeping Tom, Geppetto, Terribletowel, Yellowcake, Shooter, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   Lots of strong work in the hot gloom this week.  To add to the extreme weather we had severe a severe storm roll thru on Thursday afternoon and leave lots of debris scattered about Afton […]

We don’t have to run

The PAX:  Spaz, Opie, Iron City, Pharaoh, Guinness, Zacchaeus, Loveboat, Phidippedes, Kojak, Big Tuna, FNG-DP, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter 12 men showed in the gloom on this fine Hump Day morning to put in some work.  Since this is an Iron Q week, YHC wanted to find something exciting for the pax this morning.  […]

Look out for the Butcher

The PAX: Spaz, Opie, Iron City, Run-Flat, Booter, Turbine, Yellowcake, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   It’s that time of year that comes with extra special heat and humidity and lots of accompanying sweat in the gloom.  Also, with school being out now for all, it means that vacation season is upon as well.  With […]

Humid Gassers

Pax: Zacchaeus Spaz Iron City hop_hunter CPAP Opie Phidippedes Kojak hokie_pokie Geppetto Bravo PeepingTom  terribletowel Shooter bigblue   Warm-arama: Mosey around parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers, karaoke and high skips thrown in. SSH IC x 20, IST IC x 15, Slow Merkin IC x 15, MC IC x 20, Wind Mill IC x 10 Mosey […]

Pain Train

Backblast 5/18/22   12 men showed at Afton to take a ride on the Pain Train!   PAX: @Big Tuna @bigblue @PeepingTom @Iron City @Geppetto @hokie_pokie @Opie @Spaz @hop_hunter @Kojak @Bravo QIC: @Phidippedes   WU: Run to doc’s parking lot and make the following circuit: Short Side 1: Bear Crawl Long Side 1: High Skips […]