Pre-Blast – Beatdown/Chowdown postponed – We’re heading to Columbia

Pax – Our Columbia Brothers Need You This Saturday – so we decided to postpone our event and encourage all Pax to join the convergence down in Columbia. # morethanaworkout!

The leadership from our brothers down in Columbia has been outstanding through this crisis and serves as an inspiration to the rest of F3 Nation. Through their remarkable efforts, they have already raised over $35,000. While the money is essential, what they really need now is manpower!

See the latest post here from Sway

DEPARTURE and PARKING: We will have a group leaving from the Tradition AO this Saturday morning at 7:30, (Stonebridge Church – 3700 Prosperity Church Road) and would like to have as many F3 brothers join as possible!  (Park on the side by the dumpster).

What To Bring: good shoes or boots that can get wet, work gloves, long pants or jeans, possibly a dust mask, and a dry change of clothes. Much of the work will be furniture moving and tear out of drywall in attempts to literally save homes. Wrecking bars, small crowbars, flat shovels are good tools to bring. Bleach, bottled water, heavy duty trash bags, and small boxes are also in heavy demand. Bring a change of clothes too – for your trip back to CLT. Bring some munchies/snacks with you too.

Can’t Join Us?, Drop Off Items – Round 2 Dutch has offered his garage as temporary storage, and we will take supplies down with us on Saturday.Here is what we need now.

Bottled Water, Bleach, Large -Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Small Corrugated Boxes.

Either bring them with you on Saturday morning – or drop them at Dutch’s house              (10012 White Cascade Dr. – Winchester Subdivision) – look for the F3 flag above garage door.

If you can come down but need to leave a bit later, Columbia will be constantly updating where exactly they need you on Twitter – @F3Columbia.

You can also reach out to me at

Over and out for now- David Vroon  F3Dutch. 704-609-9676