APB – please report any @Dingo sightings ASAP

Not the normal gloom… as the sun broke through the trees, 34 MeCa faithful gathered on the Tradition turf to execute the “traditional” (see what I did there) Memorial Day Murph. After letting the JV team clear out, the #Varsity stepped in to get after it.

The Thang
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 Mericans
300 air squats
1 mile run

Mary, Mary and more Mary (something happened here that YHC was not a party to)


– Davis Lake launch – May 31 @ 0700; spread the EH word
– The Bear – June 6 @ 0600 – launch from Highland Creek Elementary

The Memorial Moleskine
– Strong work by the PAX today; way to persevere and push through
– Thanks @Skipper for leading our cadence group; not sure YHC would have made it through without it. Ahoy!
– Lots of good mumblechatter by the usual glove-wearing suspects…
– Mad t-claps to the double downers: @Gamma, @Skipper, @SSMinnow (forgive me if I’ve missed anyone)
– @Dingo – No #doubledown? Whaaat? Wasn’t that your idea? Well, at least we’ll see you a #Coffeeteria… whaaat? Not there either? #Traditionhappyhour; He must be home writing up the Backblast from the Early Edition… whaaat? No back blast? But it’s almost 11am and all back blasts must be completed by 10am, right? Clearly he’s gone missing. If anyone has seen @Dingo, please report his whereabouts…
– Loved hearing the honks from the various passers-by when seeing Old Glory flying
– Great 2nd F with the crew at #coffeeteria. Really enjoyed it, but we may need to head back to Dilworth…
– Let’s remember, not just today but every day, those men and women who’ve given their lives in service to our country – feel free to post in the comments below the name and information about the fallen hero you represented today.

9 thoughts on “APB – please report any @Dingo sightings ASAP

  1. The Farm

    FYI, @Dingo hijacked the 6am Q and then is late posting the bb. I was going to give him a hard time for @Chowder posting the JV (7am) edition before the varsity (6am) edition but I was beaten to it!

  2. Gamma

    Great to see everyone out this morning, and to meet some new guys.

    @Chowder – you forgot one more double-downer…..you. Nice job to you and @SSMinnow for the MuthaShip/Murph combo! Have to disagree on the coffeeteria location, though. How do you leave a coffee shop that sells beer?

  3. WaterBoy

    Great to be a part of this to honor the men and women who have paid the ultimate price. I agree the honks from the cars passing by was very cool.

  4. Gump

    Aye great to reconnect with some pax that I have not seen in a while. Next time I “might” be up for a Full Murph instead of the 1/2 I recorded today.

  5. Alcatraz

    It was an honor to join the PAX.

    Someone had some smaller bright yellow gloves fall off their car as they left the AO. I have them.

  6. Forgotten Jelly

    Sorry to have missed it. I tried to do the murph on my own at the beach. I felt terrible, so I only did half. Tough doing it without my F3 brothers.

  7. Dingo

    Just to clear some accusations up!

    1. the double down was Gammas idea.

    2. Had to leave coffeteria at 7:50. There were 6 of us in attendance

    3. M had my full attention in helping her with a Memorial Day celebration at the pool. Sorry F3, you are a close second to my wife!

    4. It’s always a good day when I upset @chowder 🙂

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