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New Kicks Club

Pax:  Bearclaw, Bonvoy, Exit 54, Papa John, Clueless, T Bone, Wexler Q:  Wexler   7 came out for another humid pitchfork to compete for the coveted Local Legend Title and T shirt, to train for BRR, to speed train, and to prove he is one of the baddest respects out there!  The majority of the […]

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

16 HIM came out this morning to show The Pitchfork who’s the boss. Strong effort out there today as we bid a fond farewell to an old friend (?) for another year.   It went something like this…. Down Up Down Up Down Up Repeato   Simple but effective.   CoT   Count-o-rama Name-o-rama Announcements […]

Wednesday routine

So, how was your morning?  Pretty good, you know, ran 5 miles with 700 feet of elevation.  A typical Wednesday. Like clockwork, 17 men showed up at the PitchFork this morning to challenge themselves by running some hills.  The humidity has been relentless, but that’s also part of the routine we’re used to at this […]


14 men fought the humidity with their will power at the Devils Pitch Fork.  With the fleeting thought of only a few more PitchFork runs left in this year, 14 men made the right choice to put in some miles on the hills.  The route was the same, but never easy.   Moleskin T-claps to […]

Slicing the humidity with nothing but will power

11 men cut the humidity with their will power this morning.  3 of them experienced the #PitchFork for the first time and are surely celebrating after that accomplishment. The route looks like this.  The humidity this morning made it feel that much worse than normal, but we endured and made it happen anyway. Announcements Running […]

I just remembered …

5, then 6, then 5 ran the hills of #DevilsPitchFork this morning in fantastic weather conditions.  62 degrees on a June morning is a gift that we didn’t take for granted. After a well-thought-out pre-blast last night, the scheduled Q sent YHC a text, “I just remembered … family event this morning, can you cover?”.  […]

Pitchfork is back with a vengeance … or not

7 men answered the challenge this morning.  #DevilsPitchfork hasn’t gotten any easier since we left it last fall. Smaller crowd than YHC was expecting this morning.  Some were recovering.  Some are injured.  Some ran elsewhere.  Some just stayed in bed and have no excuse.  Which bucket are you in?  We’ll be there next week and […]

Get some before it’s gone

13 men put in work to get faster and stronger at the #DevilsPitchFork this morning.  It’s a love-hate relationship with the #DevilsPitchFork.  We hate when it starts and love when it ends.  It’s a great route for some hills in the Burg. We all stuck to the default route this morning. @Exit54 set a screeching […]