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Duty Calls

A distress signal was sent yesterday afternoon to all of the Highlands PAX, there was no Q for tomorrow morning! YHC answered the call to action, and scrambled to put together a workout. 18 men ditched the fart sack and joined in this morning’s humidity to work up a sweat. Disclaimer was given and off […]

100# Challenge! – The Fort (Drop Thrill) v Rock Hill (Pac-Man)

2017 started out like many years for me, determined to lose weight yet again.¬† I was very frustrated with the situation as I had joined F3 in March of 2014 and lost 56# only to get injured and gain it all back.¬† But this year I’ve healed a lot from my injuries and getting closer […]

F3 Runs the Basin – Relay Races are all the rage!

Friends, Romans, Basiners……lend me your ear. In what will undoubtedly go down as one of many reinvigorating¬†events bringing F3 to the forefront of the fitness, fellowship and faith landscape, we are proud to announce our first forray into the wild world of RELAY RACES! (F3 Runs the Basin…get it?) It started as an innocent joke. […]