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F3 MeCa | February 27, 2021

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Posts By Rick Hepner

A Little Stretch

February 14, 2021 |

A workout with no cadence counting was a welcomed. Although I know very little about Broga. Can’t say I was not a little nervous.  No way I can keep up with last week’s speed yoga from Booyah!  Arrived a little … Read More

Here I go again!

January 24, 2021 |

So here I go again!  It’s Sunday night and my BB was due Friday!  Trying to figure what to write.  Unfortunately, I have a problem writing about nothing.   I sit here thinking how I miss the good days of the … Read More


December 9, 2020 |

The morning started with high expectations.  The day after our governor’s new restrictions.  It brought me back to the “good old days” when we were under Phase 1.  During that time all our BD’s went under the radar and no … Read More

Simple Run

November 17, 2020 |

Well I arrived late to find everyone had found a new starting place.  Out of the road.  Probably should have done that a while ago.

Today’s run was simple.  We were to run to the park or run for 22 … Read More

Foggy Morning

October 12, 2020 |

As I was the Q this morning I knew I could not be late.   Set alarm a little early and prayed I would not over sleep.   Arrived at the park and a couple of PAX were already on site.  Disclaimers … Read More

Farmwood Run

September 22, 2020 |

Well there is not a lot to say about todays run.  Pretty simple.  Some of the Mint Hill PAX can ramble on about nothing in their back blasts.  Well it’s Silas and it’s late.

The instructions were very basic. We … Read More


September 1, 2020 |

Well I struggled to figure out what to write about for the workout on August 12.  I despise writing these BB and I was thinking about how it falls in the category of the top things I hate to do. … Read More

Searching for Diamonds

September 1, 2020 |

Arrived to find a few PAX ready to go.  We planted flags and instructions of the run were given but few follow directions.  Today we were to run to five diamonds in Mint Hill.  At each diamond we complete the … Read More

Block in the Wall

July 24, 2020 |

Arrived and flags were planted .  I could have been a little more creative and brought a little music?  Maybe a little Commodores or Pink Floyd? Brick House?  Can’t find any song with cinder block so brick will have to … Read More

Another day in the Hill

July 11, 2020 |

Arrived and planted the flags.  When I arrived was a little concerned as no one was there. The bikes were in full force! Thought to myself is the time 6am? or 7am? Did I miss it?   Shortly thereafter Delta and … Read More