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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Posts By Rick Hepner

The outbreak continues

February 16, 2020 |

Update to Friday’s post:

The outbreak continues!  Although we had a special guest from Nimbus!  He fought the virus!  Our two newest PAX; Gopher and Fester continue to fight it off.

Today started off with a some SSH and Grampa … Read More

Outbreak or Epidemic

February 14, 2020 |

Well Tuesday we received notice of the outbreak of the Fartsack virus here in Mint Hill.  The CDC confirmed the outbreak, and may now actually call it an epidemic. It’s confirmed that at least four of Mint Hill’s PAX have … Read More

Plan B

January 24, 2020 |

I had the workout all planned out; but had no plan for rain. Who knew it was going to rain today?  Thank goodness for the shelter and the help from the PAX.  We made do with a some tunes from … Read More

Are you working out today?

January 15, 2020 |

The forecast for Tuesday morning was 62 and only 50% chance of rain.  Could it get any better for a run in January? Well about 4:30am a huge band of storms rolled through the area. Loud enough to wake my … Read More

Friday Morning Live!

December 6, 2019 |

Well I was not looking forward to being the Q and was hoping no one would show. As I pulled into the park, it was too late. There was Toughskins , Hugo and Chum. Well I thought to myself, I … Read More

Trump and Jump

November 6, 2019 |

Eleven PAX made it out on this great November morning.  Temp was perfect!  A sure record number of PAX for a Q from Silas.  The Q started off a little slow with the warmup.  Might need additional training in counting … Read More

Better late than never!

October 30, 2019 |

Seven men started their Friday morning workout with a novice Q.  We started off with warmup that included side saddle hops and merkins.  It then led to a modified version of catch me if you can.

Our exercises for the … Read More

A Little Rain

August 28, 2019 | 2

Although there was a chance of rain this morning 8 Pax came out.  Rain was not the issue, however the  YHC had problems with counting and talking today.  Need to go back to school or back to bed.

Warm … Read More

Christmas is Coming

July 23, 2019 |


Today the PAX included ; Othello, Blue Crush, Home Alone, Third Day, Booyah, Hugo, Sweatband, Chum, Tough Skins, The Body, Silas and FNG. The temps and humidity may not have felt like December, but there are only 155 days … Read More