Author: Heatstroke

The Wheel of Pain Bday Celebration

Pax: Peanuts, Life Alert, Vespa, Big Bird, MC, Detention, Love Seat QIC: Heatstroke 8 men joined YHC to celebrate his mom’s special day. Disclaimer and mosey to courts with a fence hop, once Big Bird got his hips loosened up.  Chubbs would be proud. Warmarama at the courts The Thang at the nearby alcove.  Grab […]

Rolling Stone Quarterly APFT

9 Stoners took up the challenge of the quarterly APFT. 0530 Disclaimer given and warmarama commences in lot as we wait on Love Seat…and then MC, as he must have left the house at 0530.  Probably knew where we would be, so there is that. Mosey to entrance for the Army Physical Fitness Test: 2 […]

The Stoners on a Saturday?!

Pax: Manwich, Jimmy Buffett, Loveseat, Steel Cannon, Clickbait, Kilowatt, El Sabado, Peanuts, FNG Jamie, FNG Mike, FNG Venkat, FNG Satish Q: Heatstroke Apparently, the Stoners have bandied the idea about starting a Saturday workout, as today it finally happened.  The first Saturday each month thereafter it shall be…although this solid start might possibly make it […]

The “quarterly” RS APFT

Q: Heatstroke Pax: Steel Cannon, Detention, Backstop, Schnitzel, Gilligan, Soprano, Kilowatt, Life Alert, Peanuts   Quarterly now extends to nearly 15 months.  Let’s face it, the fitness level has gone down a bit with some added weight for YHC, so he wasn’t all that excited about exposing that fact with another dose of the APFT.  […]

A different kind of Satisfaction

7 pax joined YHC for the weekly edition of the Satisfaction Cruise, or the Rolling Ruck as the ruckers continue their numerical dominance. Hot Pack, JB and YHC for the run Sugar, Chachi, Manwich, Pox and Detention for the ruck The route is a bit more aggressive at 5+ miles – the P and the […]

The Fishbone 47

YHC rolled into the gloom after arriving home after 8pm the evening before from the Dominican Republic and was welcomed by 4 pax who weren’t on spring break hiatus…or suffering from fartsack pains.  The Thang: Disclaimer given and we were off.  The Q wasn’t all that interested in much of a big plan, and it […]

The Snow White Slap Free Satisfaction Cruise Rolling Ruck

That title is a mouthful. Runners: JB, HS, Soprano, LS Ruckers: Chachi, Manwich, Kumho, Pox, Wrong Way, Peanuts…and introducing Snow White! 11 departed, 11 returned…barely.  Soprano pulled up lame trying to catch the super fast guy…  Hopefully just a cramp and not a muscle pull. COT: Prayers for Ukraine, Chachi’s co-worker, Mike, passing away – […]

A just warmer than suck it bros morning

Jimmy Buffett and Heatstroke ran Sugar and Pox rucked COT: Prayers for Sugar and his Mortimer 100 ruck team this weekend. Godspeed! Praise that my dad successfully transitioned back home after 6 weeks in a nursing home! Prayers for Ukraine Tomorrow evening at 7pm. About 1.5 mile ruck launching from the AO. Bring the M/kids/dogs!

Dawgs, MLK and the Lollipop Guild

Pax: Life Alert, Pox, Detention, Backstop, Soprano, Master Po Q: Heatstroke 5 pax joined QIC at 0530 for some POS.  Disclaimer.  Off to the Steph Curry Shooting Academy for Old People for some… Warmarama: SSH, CPs, HBs, Willie Mays Hays (obligatory “you run like Mays, but you hit like…”, MCs The Thang(s): Block Dora, (not)Lollipop […]

Pearl Harbor Remembered

Pax: Life Alert, Detention, Backstop, Kumho, Chachi, Soprano Q: Heatstroke 7 pax to remember those lost 80 years ago today at Pearl Harbor Disclaimer Mosey to entrance of greenway for some stretchalicious monkey humpers…no cars Mosey to the HRMS Rock for Warmarama: 24 SSH, 3 burpees, 24 Squats, 3 burpees, 12 IC WMs Mosey to […]