Author: Heatstroke

The Snow White Slap Free Satisfaction Cruise Rolling Ruck

That title is a mouthful. Runners: JB, HS, Soprano, LS Ruckers: Chachi, Manwich, Kumho, Pox, Wrong Way, Peanuts…and introducing Snow White! 11 departed, 11 returned…barely.  Soprano pulled up lame trying to catch the super fast guy…  Hopefully just a cramp and not a muscle pull. COT: Prayers for Ukraine, Chachi’s co-worker, Mike, passing away – […]

A just warmer than suck it bros morning

Jimmy Buffett and Heatstroke ran Sugar and Pox rucked COT: Prayers for Sugar and his Mortimer 100 ruck team this weekend. Godspeed! Praise that my dad successfully transitioned back home after 6 weeks in a nursing home! Prayers for Ukraine Tomorrow evening at 7pm. About 1.5 mile ruck launching from the AO. Bring the M/kids/dogs!

Dawgs, MLK and the Lollipop Guild

Pax: Life Alert, Pox, Detention, Backstop, Soprano, Master Po Q: Heatstroke 5 pax joined QIC at 0530 for some POS.  Disclaimer.  Off to the Steph Curry Shooting Academy for Old People for some… Warmarama: SSH, CPs, HBs, Willie Mays Hays (obligatory “you run like Mays, but you hit like…”, MCs The Thang(s): Block Dora, (not)Lollipop […]