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Calculations and Backward Routes

YHQ decided to try his hand at leading, for the first time ever, the Rolling Stone Satisfaction Cruise and Rolling Ruck workout.  After careful calculations, possibly some advanced mathematics, and geo-spacial internet tools (aka as a map), a route was crafted (inspired by past routes where runners and Ruckers could ‘race’).  The winner of the […]

A different kind of Satisfaction

7 pax joined YHC for the weekly edition of the Satisfaction Cruise, or the Rolling Ruck as the ruckers continue their numerical dominance. Hot Pack, JB and YHC for the run Sugar, Chachi, Manwich, Pox and Detention for the ruck The route is a bit more aggressive at 5+ miles – the P and the […]

The Fishbone 47

YHC rolled into the gloom after arriving home after 8pm the evening before from the Dominican Republic and was welcomed by 4 pax who weren’t on spring break hiatus…or suffering from fartsack pains.  The Thang: Disclaimer given and we were off.  The Q wasn’t all that interested in much of a big plan, and it […]

The Snow White Slap Free Satisfaction Cruise Rolling Ruck

That title is a mouthful. Runners: JB, HS, Soprano, LS Ruckers: Chachi, Manwich, Kumho, Pox, Wrong Way, Peanuts…and introducing Snow White! 11 departed, 11 returned…barely.  Soprano pulled up lame trying to catch the super fast guy…  Hopefully just a cramp and not a muscle pull. COT: Prayers for Ukraine, Chachi’s co-worker, Mike, passing away – […]

Happy Bday Mom!

9/29 is pretty much a day I always sign up to Q early in January as I run through significant dates.  My mother turns 75 today and is still going strong, amazing woman and I’m proud to call her mom.  It’s Wednesday, so its running or rucking.  The latter for YHC this go round.  10 […]

The Jimmy Buffett Fly By

Running…unless you’re rucking Perfect weather Ran to the Shady side of 73 Did laps near Jimmy Buffett’s House Saw his M, but not him He didn’t even wave, must not be on Slack nowadays We ran back Sweat We prayed for parents transitioning to long term care facilities (Larry and Sonny) We prayed for JB […]

Run before the rain

8 Pax ventured out to the windy but dry gloom to run or ruck this morning just before the rain came. The THANG: Hot Pack, Heatstroke, Soprano, Detention, All-in, and Backstop ran a route that resembled that of a bent goal post and got in 4-5 miles.  YHC and Kilowatt enjoyed a nice 2.6 mile […]

Where is everybody?

Well you can certainly tell that most of the Pax are on spring break vaca.  Only 4 Pax for the cruise and ruck.  Disclaimer read and runner and ruckers were off. The THANG: Hot Pack ran the P route solo while YHC, Chachi, and Thick Burger rucked the usual 2.8 mile route. COT / MOLESKIN  […]