Pearl Harbor Remembered

Pax: Life Alert, Detention, Backstop, Kumho, Chachi, Soprano

Q: Heatstroke

7 pax to remember those lost 80 years ago today at Pearl Harbor


Mosey to entrance of greenway for some stretchalicious monkey humpers…no cars

Mosey to the HRMS Rock for Warmarama: 24 SSH, 3 burpees, 24 Squats, 3 burpees, 12 IC WMs

Mosey to the HRMS field

The Thang:  Running the USS Arizona.  2403 Americans lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, with roughly half of them being aboard the USS Arizona.  The USS Arizona was 608′ long…about 2 football fields, so here is how we honored those lost:

  • 24 Merkins, 3 Burpees run the Arizona
  • 24 Squats, 3 Burpees run the AZ
  • 24 WW2s, 3 Burpees run the AZ
  • 24 Lunges, 3 Burpees run the AZ
  • Amrap until time called

Mosey back to lot, stopping at greenway entrance for more monkey humpers…one car

Mary: Flutters, LBCs, Rosalitas, Low Dollies

COT: Prayers for Detention’s mom aka Backstop’s grandma as she struggles with her recovery from knee replacement as it is not going as well as hoped, both physically and mentally.  We give gratitude and honor to those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor 80 years ago.

Moleskin: Well done gentlemen!  Tclaps to Life Alert making it out after his Bills were on MNF, guess he can thank the Patriots for turning it into the shortest game every by running the ball on virtually every play and getting him to bed earlier, sadly also with an L.  Speaking of Ls, Soprano was definitely salty about GA’s this weekend.  His honeymoon is over with Kirby Smart and he’s already looking for somebody else to kick it with.

The attack on Pearl Harbor is the most overt, vicious attack on US soil and should always be remembered.  Fortunately, the Japanese failed in their mission to destroy US infrastructure that would have kept them out of the war for a year, as no aircraft carriers were there, and they also failed to destroy major refueling points and repair shops.  The US was on their ass fairly straight away and they got to learn about Atomic bombs in a way you don’t want to learn about Atomic bombs.  Going back to the USS Arizona, that still resides on the bottom of Pearl Harbor.  It carried so much gasoline that it still slowly leaks out about 9 quarts each day after 80 years.  December 7th will always be the day that lived in infamy.  Never forget.



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