Rolling Stone Quarterly APFT

9 Stoners took up the challenge of the quarterly APFT.

0530 Disclaimer given and warmarama commences in lot as we wait on Love Seat…and then MC, as he must have left the house at 0530.  Probably knew where we would be, so there is that.

Mosey to entrance for the Army Physical Fitness Test:

  • 2 minutes max push ups
  • 2 minutes max sit ups
  • 2 mile timed run

Great job by all.  Here are the results on the APFT Spreadsheet.

COT: Prayers for Master Po’s newly minted kindergartner.

Announcements: RS Fantasy Football League now full at 12 league members.  Let the Wheel of Pain begin for the Six each week!  Draft at Life Alert’s house on Sunday night.  Come on out even if you aren’t in the league for some 2nd F.

Moleksin: Great job gents! Awesome to see Vespa out there for his first APFT!  Good to see Kumho and Master Po out as well.  You can find worse barometers for checking in on your fitness than how you are faring on the APFT each time.  YHC is definitely seeing a dip in performance, time to rectify that…even though getting older helps with the scoring.  I figured out what a perfect score for age 48 is…sounds like a 2023 goal.  Next APFT is on 12/15/22, see y’all there.