The Stoners on a Saturday?!

Pax: Manwich, Jimmy Buffett, Loveseat, Steel Cannon, Clickbait, Kilowatt, El Sabado, Peanuts, FNG Jamie, FNG Mike, FNG Venkat, FNG Satish

Q: Heatstroke

Apparently, the Stoners have bandied the idea about starting a Saturday workout, as today it finally happened.  The first Saturday each month thereafter it shall be…although this solid start might possibly make it more frequent moving forward.  With the idea that maybe a few more local FNGs might be interested in a non-workday beatdown that doesn’t start before the sun comes us, the word was put out.  8 regulars, 1 Kotter and…4 FNGs(!!!) answered the call.  Brief description of F3, a not-so-hearty disclaimer and we are off.

Warmarama: Mosey towards the front of the school with a lap around the parking median out front.  Butt kickers, high knees, side shuffles, cariocas and stretching mixed in.  Settle in towards the front as a Cricket game was going on in the other lot where we frequently warm up.  YHC had failed to mention to his next door neighbor Hitesh that we were having this workout, although he meant to.  Low and behold, there was future F3 First Blood getting his Cricket on.  If this Saturday workout thing doesn’t work out, we could work on starting a Stoner Cricket Team.  Anyhoo, Side straddle hops, WMs, Penny Pickers, Pickle Pokers and Merking/MC combo got us warmed up, and a little cadence instruction went along with it.  The FNGs picked it right up.

The Thang:

  • 1st off – Sharknado – the abbreviated edition.  Sharknado consists of an exercise and then a lap.  5 exercises in fact.  You know what else there is 5 of – F3 Core Principles.  Each round had an explanation of a core principle – Burpees/Free – Merkins/Open to all men – Squats/Outdoor workouts – WW2/Peer led – Crab Jacks/End with COT.  Did 5 rounds and time to move on to…
  • The Greenway Gauntlet – once again the abbreviated edition.  Monkey humpers – cross bridge with lunges – bench burpees – cross smaller bridge with lunges – cool down with lbcs by gondola – return with bear crawl across bridge – more bench burpees – then the grandaddy return of bear crawling the long bridge – finish with monkey humpers.  Huge shoutout to Lisa, who happened to be walking at just the wrong right time to be kind of with us for the entire return – and shot some glorious video of us, solid stuff.

No time for Mary 🙁

COT: Prayers for a couple of Steel Cannon’s friends that are going through cancer treatment, Chachi in his recovery, my parents, Manwich’s wife and friends on their girls weekend…  The next Saturday edition of this is scheduled over Labor Day weekend, might have to take a look at whether we want to move it or leave it on that date.

Moleskin: Huge welcome to the FNGs who came out this morning, all of you did awesome and had a great attitude!  Satish and Venkat are a couple of neighbors of Jimmy Buffett that he finally convinced to come out, way to give it away JB!  YHC’s post on the Moss Creek FB page finally got Mike to come out after years of gentle nudges, the extra sleep can be credited.  Jamie was just on vacation with Loveseat and YHC and had been talking about possibly coming out, today was the day.  Great to have you fellas out.

Great to fittingly have El Sabado back…after all Saturday is his namesake.  He kicked butt and broke down how pythons are proliferating faster in FL than the coronavirus and that you can now get paid by the State to murder them.  He had other horrifying snake stories as well, show to know.

Great coffeeteria as many of us hung out for over an hour – that’s the 2nd F we are talking about:)

Great job in particular to Steel Cannon and Jimmy Buffett looking out for the six.  We kept the group together for this workout, but there were still times to go back for encouragement.

Kilowatt, what can we say, the first ever Stoner Six Pack!  Posted to all 6 workouts this week like a champ!

Peanuts is the fastest bear around, check the video.

Hope to see the FNGs back out soon for a weekday, or the next Saturday, workout.  We don’t need to call y’all FNGs anymore, time for your official F3 name.

Have a great rest of the weekend gentlemen!