Dawgs, MLK and the Lollipop Guild

Pax: Life Alert, Pox, Detention, Backstop, Soprano, Master Po

Q: Heatstroke

5 pax joined QIC at 0530 for some POS.  Disclaimer.  Off to the Steph Curry Shooting Academy for Old People for some…

Warmarama: SSH, CPs, HBs, Willie Mays Hays (obligatory “you run like Mays, but you hit like…”, MCs

The Thang(s): Block Dora, (not)Lollipop Guilds, 7 of Diamonds

Block area.  Pair up.  50 squat thrusters. 100 Curls. 150 Tri Ext. Partner laps around the playground.

Grab wall.  Can, can and air press combos

To the baseball field, it’s open.  7 of diamonds, because it was like the 3rd exercise on the F3 exicon. Left field foul pole. 7 burpees. Center Field. 14 Merkins. Right field foul pole. 21 4 ct flutter kicks. Home plate. 28 squats.  3 rounds.

Grab wall, Can, can and air press combos.

Back to visit Steph’s place.  1 minute Al Gore.

Mary: Back to lot for Pretzel sticks, LBCs and Low Dollies

COT: Mt Afton on Saturday.  1/20 Stoners at Top Golf, HC now!  Prayers for continued healing for Detention’s mom and my dad, also for Master Po’s boss whose mom died.  As well as everyone as we manage Covid.


  • I was late to the conversation about Monday’s national title game being a holiday to see if the Dawgs can finally get over on Bama when it counts.  I thought they were talking about MLK day the next Monday.  Soprano had no time for that, it’s full steam ahead for the Dawgs.  They have the better overall team, but are just weaker in the most important position on the field…
  • I think Willie Mays Hays will be back, if only for the mumblechatter
  • The can, can air press combo needs a name.  Detention went for Lollipop Guild.  Although a mouthful (that’s what she said) it sounds like a sweet name.  YHC looked it up, and besides not being able to get back that 30 seconds of his life, the little people doing the dance did not move their arms at all, but the lower body was on point.  Nice Wizard of Oz pull Detention, but we might be looking for another name…
  • Sugar was asking yesterday if the beatdown would be themed, I said no.  He didn’t show, so I guess he just does themed beatdowns now.  Plot twist.
  • Sounds like FNG David will be back next Tuesday at the latest, let’s see about getting more new blood out here.  I’ll see if I can get “First Blood” out.

“All you need are these: certainty of judgment in the present moment; action for the common good in the present moment; and an attitude of gratitude in the present moment for anything that comes your way.”  Marcus Aurelius


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