Author: Clueless

Hills paying Bills

PAX – @TBone, @Othello, @Gamma, @DickTracy, @Zin, @Deadhead, @Riptide, @Birdcage, @Clueless 9 Strong for a little hill interval work this morning in the Burg. Route Communication: Leave RRC (Rocky River Coffee…not to be confused with Rocky River Crossing), R on Parallel, R on Patricia, Loop = L on Ridge (sub 5K pace up), easy L […]

RoadWarrior Strava Art

PAX: @TBone, @Othello, @Lecter, @Exit54, @Clueless 5 Strong for some Strava graffiti on the mean streets of HBurg. “F3” from Town Center was on tap. The “F3” pre-blast was posted on Slack…5.5 miles was what Route Planner estimated. We ended up around the 5.35 mark. Route: Coffee Shop, Parallel, School, Morris, Morehead, Oakside (down-back), Morehead, […]

Pickups around town center

4 Strong for #RoadWarrior this morning. With questionable road/sidewalk conditions, the plan was to stay in town center (which still had a couple slick spots). PAX: @SSMinnow, @Lecter, @Exit54, @Clueless Thang: 2mi laps for hope loop / 1mi extinction loop / 2mi laps for hope loop – after a mile warm-up, 30 second pickups/striders chased […]

Polar Bear Returns

3 Strong for some Polar Bear “fun”. The pre-blast was posted on Slack. Safety first. @Gamma and @Smokey were up for the challenge of slick roads and a burner of a workout. With a few icy patches still in the parking lot, this workout is meant to avoid slips and falls… to be slow and […]

6 PAX of Speed

PAX = @TBone, @Deadhead, @SSMinnow, @Exit54, @Bonvoy, @Clueless It was a great morning to run. 6 strong for a few spins around the ol’ box… some mixing in speed intervals and some cruising along. Please keep the Glennon family in your prayers… @Wexler’s brother Jeff. Find a way to make a positive difference today and […]

Ridge Work 052721

18 Strong for a beatdown at #TheRidge. Some light conversation about how those that like to run would be disappointed and those that did not need shoulder work would be too. 5:30, and we were off… Warm-o-rama – #Disclaimer, SSH ICx15, Windmill ICx10, IST ICx10, Worst Merican Ever x5 (Wide, Standard, Military, Diamond) Thang: Partner […]

Hills Pay the Bills

9 Strong for a #RoadWarrior favorite with an added twist. Give a 16 yr old the keys to the running cabinet and you never know what they’ll pull out. As it turns out, repeat hills up Shamrock were in the cards this morning. Solid work by all! Moleskine: @Exit54 and YHC climbed through 4 iterations […]

Feb 21 Murph

7 Strong for the February 2021 running of The Murph. A loose explanation of what we were about to do… newly named Peppa knew the drill, so off we went. 1 Mile Run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 Mile Run COT – CPAP took us out Moleskine: Solid efforts by all! Not an […]

Ultimate Beginning to 2021

17 were not deterred from a park closing nor wet field conditions to test their athletic prowess with some “Ultimate” fun. With the 10 yr F3 anniversary convergences on New Year’s Day, this Harrisburg annual event, and 2.0 favorite, was pushed to 1/2. Some warmup SSH, Windmills, IST’s, a brief #Disclaimer, team formations, orange vest […]