Blocks, cotters, and Madness

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Life Alert
PAX: Machuman (Machupicchu), Life Alert, Pox, heatstroke, Big Bird, Clickbait, Detention, LoveSeat, MC, r2d2, Vespa-Odell, All-In, FirstDate
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mosey around drop off line w/some butt kickers, slides, Luke Leuckly, Peking lot slides to the teacher lot for some formal Warmarama..SSH, PP, AV, IST, Lumbergs, tempo merkins, MCs
THE THANG: stay in the lot for Merkin suicides, 5,10,15,20 corresponding to lot lines. YHC was lazy with cone placement assuming pax were able to count. Never assume, as you know what it does. Ironically our resident math professor had the pax all flummoxed with the line management. In an effort to keep the townhomes asleep we moved over to the bus lot entrance for BTW with ST IC. Head to the hoops court to continue the March Madness celebration. Grab a partner and grab a coupon. Dora 1,2,3 style. P1 exercise, P2 run to far fence, quadraphelia back until reps achieved
30 Manmakers
100 curls
100 shoulder press
Halftime—head to wall for 10-2 by 2 ladder with donkey kicks…slide width of court..squats..defensive slide return
2nd half return to baseline with blocks for
50 block jump overs
Murder bunny half distance as other P lunge walks-switch to complete length of court
Stay at far end for 50 block jump overs
100 skull crushers with initial format.
Return blocks and exit through an unlocked gate
MARY: LBC, proper LF..time
ANNOUNCEMENTS: had to leave for work. Some HIM in the group brought us home.
Welcome passporters.. @machuman and @r2d2. Welcome back cotter..1st date..great numbers let’s keep it rolling.
Wanted to wish 2 RS pax, @chachi and @clickbait as they take on the Whole Enchilada MTB race at the WWC this Saturday.
COT: prayers for Dave, Baby Stetson, Nickey, my BIL/SIL recovering from kidney transplant. Unspoken requests and all covered at the AO