The Unsurprising but Still Special Independence Day Convergence

Not sure where all the PAX got the idea that there would be some big surprise… YHC had certainly billed it as “special,” but hadn’t planned a surprise. It’s not that often that we get PAX together from across MeCa, so that certainly made it special. A couple returning PAX as well (@BOS, @Icicle, @Magma, etc.) also made it special. Maybe the surprise was that @Dingo called for a holiday convergence but was nowhere to be found. That’s a shame… had a little strength training planned. Well, not really planned… more like, that’s what ended up happening. I know @MajorPain appreciated it. And despite all our best efforts, the #SadClowns in the parking lot wouldn’t set down their 7am beers long enough to join us. So, plant the flags and let’s roll…

Mosey out to line both sides of the parkway to give the departing Davis Lake tomatoes a little eye candy (the order, accuracy and completeness of the following exercises and counts are highly questionable, as always):
– SSH x 19 IC
– Airsquats x 19 IC
– Imperial Storm Troopers x 19 IC
– Mericans x 19 IC (oh yeah, @Colonel went there)

The Thang
Mosey down to the gulley and pick out a nice rock (or boulder in @ManDown and @MajorPain’s cases.); mosey up to the sand volleyball court and line the outside.
– Squat rock toss x 19 IC
– Memory gets a little fuzzy here…
– Overhead press? x 19 IC
– Curls? x 10 IC
– Chest Press? x 10 IC
– Curls? x 10 IC
– Skull crushers? x 10 IC
– Maybe some more stuff… who knows.

Mosey with rock/boulder/pebble down to the guard rail by the lake… you’ve got 1 minute.
– One-legged Burpees x 5 OYO
– Plank
– One-legged Burpees (other leg) x 5 OYO
– More fuzziness… too much to remember.
– Curls x 10 IC
– Incline Mericans x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Decline Mericans x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Squats x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Chest Press/Low Dolly combo x 10 IC
– Curls x 10 IC
– Overhead Press x 10 IC
– Skull Crushers x 10 IC
– Dips x 10 IC
– Probably a bunch of other stuff..

Over the guard rail and head down Capitol Hill
Ladder 1
– 10 Mericans
– Run up hill with rock
– 20 Squats
– Run back down with rock
Complete 4 sets

Ladder 2
– 5 One Legged Burpees
– Quadrephelia up hill (no rock required)
– 10 Dips
– Back down hill
Complete 4 sets alternating leg for burpees

Mosey back toward clubhouse
Stop at intersection – curls with rock until six arrives
Continue mosey and dispose of rock back in the gully

Line up around sand volleyball court for Mary
– LBC x 19 IC
– Murdock: W x 15 IC
– Am I missing one here?
– Tabasco: WWII sit ups x 20 IC (sort of)
– Low Dolly x 10 IC
– Low Flutter x 10 IC
– Circle Merk x 3 rounds


BOM with dramatic reading of The Declaration of Independence courtesy of @TheNanny

– BRR HDHH this coming Wednesday at 7pm? at Carolina Ale House – all are welcome even if you’re not doing BRR (though there are still a few open spots if you’re interested – great 2nd F!)
– Coffeeteria @ Starbucks

Nakedman Moleskin
– That Davis Lake 4th of July Pool Party must really be something with tailgaters grilling/drinking and a line at the gate starting at 7am. I think I even saw a couple scalpers holding an “I need tickets” sign as we left.
– Enjoyed that #coffeeteria as always… even better when PAX from across the Region get to know each other
– Word on the street (literally) is that one of the female drivers came through taking video on her camera phone… then again, it’s to be expected when the #bestlookingmaninMeCa is amongst us

7 thoughts on “The Unsurprising but Still Special Independence Day Convergence

  1. The Farm

    Thanks for coming over to Q this @Chowder and @Mustard. Great to see lots of familiar faces and meet new MECAS pax.

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before the one legged burpees would make an appearance.

    Thanks to @Major Pain & @Cinderblock for calling me out for missing TWO workouts this week even though I never HC to either… #ISI

    I appreciate the title of #bestlookingmaninmeca but I just considered myself to be top 5!

  2. Dropcloth

    Great lead today @Chowder and @Colonel! Good solid full body beat down. Great seeing some old faces from the various AOs and meeting a lot of new ones today.

    @Chowder never gonna let that die are you?

    Everyone have a wonderful and safe July 4th.

  3. Bloodsport

    Thx @Chowder and @Col Mustard and Pax … Great start to the 4th and Davis Lake for hosting

    @TheNanny reminder of what we celebrate

  4. Dingo

    @Dingo called for a holiday convergence?? It’s not Australia Day bru!!

    Sorry I missed it! Had a pool party that needed prepping. #doingwhattheMCommands

    Great turnout! You even had F3’s best looking man in the pax!!

  5. GentleGrizzly

    Great workout guys! Thoroughly enjoyed it, except that mosey with the rock part. Also we did Monkey Humpers for the warm up not air squats. Very different exercise, haha!

  6. Colonel Mustard

    Great job yesterday men. Not a whole lot running but a whole lot of throwing around a rock. Chowder started it so blame him for your soreness if you have it this morning. Great to see some old and new faces at the convergence. If some of you liked carrying a rock then you should try a GORUCK Light. Enjoyed it men, see you all around @MECA.

    On a personal note, thanks for all the fist bumps and congrats on our new son. We are blessed and hope to have him home soon. Men of F3 and their families have steeped up for us and we are forever thankful.

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