Author: opie

Boring Builds Grit

Moleskin: 6 men ventured into a boring, grit-building circuit. Good banter… I’m figuring out there is not a gas shortage. Buckwheat was late but know one noticed. PAX: Avalanche, Hammer, Ranger, Forgotten Jelly, Buckwheat Q: Opie   Warm-a-rama: – Imperial Storm Troopers x25 – hillbilly x25 – 5 burpees x25 – low slow squats x25 […]

Monday Mix

The Pax: Geppetto, Iron City, Slash, Hokie Pokie, Hop Hunter, Spaz, Zacchaeus, Big Blue, Peeping Tom, Booter, Turbine, Yellow Cake (Maybe Ringo?) Q: Opie The Thang: Runners run, Ruckers Ruck and Bikers Bike… do swimmers swim? We do our thang on Monday’s!   Announcements: 4/21: Poker Night at Geppetto’s house 4/23: Wings of Eagle Work Day 9AM […]

Phase 4

Pax: hop_hunter Spaz Zacchaeus bigblue Guinness Booter terribletowel hokie_pokie Shooter Phidippedes Kojak Run-Flat Q: Opie Moleskin: 14 men approached the workout with little to no running in mind… I’m sorry. Spaz was disappointed and will have trust issues with my Q’s. It didn’t look that bad on paper. Thank you for hanging in there. The […]

First Workout: New Time Change

The Pax: Iron City, Hop hunter, Spaz, Zacchaeus, Big blue, Love Boat, Booter, Turbine, Ringo, Uecker, Tugboat Willie Q: Opie The Thang: 12 men gather in the gloom to split up and do different styles of working out. Joke: Why did Space and Time get invited to the picnic? Because they were relative. Joke: What […]

Above Freezing – Freestyle

Pax @Iron City @Spaz @tugboat @mash @Ringo @Love boat @bigblue @slash @booter   Warm-O-rama Oyo   The Thang Two cyclist, Two Ruckers and six runners logged 45 minutes of temperatures just above freezing. This stuff is not for the average couch potato male… the gloom is not exclusive to us, just embraced by us.   […]

O-P Circuit

Moleskin The challenges was to do O-P exercises in the Exicon. 6 men entered the misty gloom… if you were not there you were talked about! Some technical issues with bluetooth but, it didn’t stop the progress. No complaining, no whining, no profanity… yeah right!   Warm-a-rama 20 Side straddle Hops 20 IST 15 Windmills […]

Heat Production Techniques

Cool weather, dry day… keep moving!   Warm-O-Rama A couple laps around the parking lot – side straddle hop – IST – windmills – penny pickers – burpees   The Thang: Heat Circuit   MOSEY – TENNIS COURTS – THE WALL 30 – LBCs 15 – Mike Tysons 20 – Fast Feet MOSEY – SHELTER […]

Park Tour Beatdown

A chilly morning that allowed us men to experience what Dorton Park had to offer… very nice tennis courts, winding trails, sturdy support rails, a bubbling brook running through the property and a couple of bridge features… and just a adjacent to our beautiful park is medical facility with clean, welcoming parking lots that readily […]

Corner Countdowns

CHRISTMAS EVE EVE It was a cold morning and a bunch of guys work hard to stay warm… circling the Medical Arts building like reindeer with red noses… maybe like super hero’s warming up for the “End Game.” Or like Leonardo DiCaprio in Revenant… Pick one.   The Thang: 20 Side straddle hops 20 Imperial […]

Redemption Q

Redemption Time: I have been emotionally dealing with all the “let down” ribbing from missing a Q in October…painfully challenged, day by day until this Q. So, a redemption workout was necessary. 8 men including “Virtual Audit” (a nickname of his nickname) set out to endure the suck of a hour long workout laced with […]