Author: Grandmaster

Iron Dale Challenge

Who needs an Iron Pax challenge when the men of Kannon have the Iron Dale Challenge! 8 pax braved the nippley gloom to turn laps around the Intimidator. The Burgh, The Big Show, The Big Tuna, The Risky Business, The Backdraft, The Chopsaw, The Ricochet, and The Sir Topham Hatt.  Here’s how it went down. […]

Straight Stealing a Workout

QIC: Grandmaster PAX: Backdraft, Big Tuna, Ricochet On Tuesday we lift (somewhat) heavy stuff. Not wanting to repeat his last two Tuesday workouts, YHC found himself at a loss for an original idea. So, the best way to look good is to impersonate someone who looks good. Not saying he looks good, but Cupid’s “Escape […]

Breathless Beatdown

PAX: Ricochet, Squid, TheBurgh QIC: Grandmaster Busy day on Monday led to little prep time for YHC on this beatdown. So we rehashed an old beatdown. Still, it’s a good one, and we’ll probably see it again. WARMARAMA: 20 SSHs IC, 15 Windmills IC, 10 BSNs IC, Arm Circles THE THANG: 3 rounds of 15 […]

Tour De Darkness

Pax: The Burgh, Squid, Gunny, Schnitzel, Grandmaster, Big Tuna, Heisenberg, Ricochet, Backdraft QIC: The Big Show There was no stealing of this Q from YHC. The honorable Big Country worked out a deal so that YHC could flex his leadership muscles and lace up those running shoes. WARMARAMA: 10 pax embarked on a nice mosey […]

Cruel, cruel dice

PAX: Backdraft, TheBigShow, TheBurgh, Ricochet QIC: Grandmaster 3 men and a Backdraft joined YHC on a humid Friday morning to get a good workout in before the long weekend. Squid is on vacation so, of course, Risky was no where to be seen. Our fearless MQ also was not present. Without them, and many others, […]

45 Trips Around the Sun – Day 4

PAX: Backdraft, Big Country, Big Tuna, Ricochet, Sir TopEm, The Big Show QIC: Grandmaster DAY 4: 6 men of various heights, weights and mouth sizes joined YHC in the gloom to push a little harder and get a little better. It is amazing how the volume of the voice seems to increase as the height […]

45 Trips Around the Sun – Day 3

PAX: The Burgh, SirTopEm, Cupid, Schnitzel, Barnabas, FNG Ricochet QIC: Grandmaster DAY 3: Again the weather was just as the Q ordered to help with the mission of transforming these men into mighty warriors.  TheBurgh was back as the only subject to complete three days of trials and testing thus far. A certain Pax promised […]

45 Trips Around the Sun – Day 2

PAX: Backdraft, Big Tuna, TheBurgh QIC: Grandmaster DAY 2: As requested, temperatures and humidity were high and the air was still as we gathered on the street corner with weight in hand. Well, most had weight in hand. Some arrived unprepared.  The Q had to loan a kettlebell to one of the pax whom shall […]

45 Trips Around the Sun – Day 1

PAX: TheBurgh, Big Tuna, Loafer, Trick Daddy, Cupid, Sir Topem QIC: Grandmaster DAY 1: The week of Iron Master has begun and so far the victims, uh participants, suspect nothing. My efforts to prepare the men for summer were started by ordering up dose of heat and humidity. The Sky Q came through on that […]