Straight Stealing a Workout

QIC: Grandmaster

PAX: Backdraft, Big Tuna, Ricochet

On Tuesday we lift (somewhat) heavy stuff. Not wanting to repeat his last two Tuesday workouts, YHC found himself at a loss for an original idea. So, the best way to look good is to impersonate someone who looks good. Not saying he looks good, but Cupid’s “Escape the Deck” workout is always a crowd pleaser. So, I stole the idea. I did at least change up the exercises. It went something like this:

Climb stairs, weight in hand, to top level of the deck for some SSHs and arm circles to warm up. Then perform 12 reps of the exercises, stacking a new exercise at each level. The movements were:

Chest Press, Squat, Weighted LBCs, Curls, Pullovers, Belgian Split Squats (6 each leg), KGBs (12 each side), Shoulder press, Dead lift, Freddy Mercurys.

Once again we failed to escape the deck. We finished on level 2A with level 1B and 1A left, lunges and burpees respectively.  However, everyone was sweating despite the mid-60s temps. So, we’ll call it a good workout.

COT: Prayers for traveling PAX.

MOLESKIN: Thanks for the push guys. Don’t forget the IPC tomorrow morning. Gonna be a good one.

In HIS Service,