Author: Gamma

Pay Attention, Class

14 posted to get stronger, and were rewarded with staying dry, no running and lots of reps. Date: 01/26/24 Pax: Zin, Sheepdog, Constitution, Bear Claw, SS Minnow, Hacksaw, Uncle Floyd, Othello, Gilmore, Red Tape, JD, Firebrand, Magic Mike, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer Warm-up with some high knees and a few stretches Main Event 10 High […]

New Year Circuit

Seven started the new year off right at Circuit Breaker. Pax: Mad Dog, Deadhead, Exit 54, Talladega, Sheepdog, Peppa, Gamma QIC: Gamma Quick review of the workout, then off we went. 1 mile warm-up run, then… First 2 exercises, then 1/4 mile run First 4 exercises, then 1/4 mile run First 6 exercises, then 1/4 […]

All the Muscles

15, including a visiting Cheesehead, did all the upper body work they could handle for one morning. The 12oz curls may be a little more difficult this evening. Pax: Toolbelt, SS Minnow, Deadhead, Exit54, Kojak, Mad Dog, Sheepdog, Goldrush, Othello, Constitution, JD, Uncle Floyd, Bear Claw, Minion, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer(ish) Warm-Up High Knees The […]

Christmas Murph

Half a dozen of Harrisburg’s finest posted for the Murph on a beautiful Christmas morning. No disclaimer and no review of the workout – nothing but pros this morning so we just got after it. 1 Mile Run 100 Pullups 200 Pushups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run COT Moleskin 1. Thanks for joining me this […]

Swinging of the Bells

The 11th Day of Christmas brought us kettlebells-a-swinging, as well as 11 men who chose to work hard this morning. Date: 12/22/23 Workout: Harrisburg Iron Pax: JD, Bear Claw, Hacksaw, Mad Dog, Deadhead, Othello, Uncle Floyd, Kojak, Constitution, Magic Mike, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer Warm-Up High Knees Various stretches Yurpee with a few more stretches […]

Jazz Hands

Date: 11/03/23 Workout: Harrisburg Iron Pax: Zin, JD, Kojak, Constitution, Othello, Goldrush, Hacksaw, Uncle Floyd, Firebrand, Gamma QIC: Gamma 10 men put in some work and kept moving to avoid freezing their bells off… #disclaimer Warm-up 60 seconds of High Knees Windmills x5 SSHs x10 Shoulder/Arm stretches Mountain Climbers x15 Main Event First Evolution Supersets […]

Post Leg Day Blues

Date: 09/16/23 Workout: The Rail Yard Pax: Deadhead, Mullet, Zin, SS Minnow, Misfire, Talladega, Goldrush, Firebrand, Teen Spirit, Constitution, Gamma QIC: Gamma 11 of Harrisburg’s finest chose to better themselves this morning. The rest made other choices… #disclaimer Warm-up Stretch out the legs, because Red Tape is mean SSHs x10 Slow Air Squats x5 Down […]

Accountability Partner

Date: 09/08/23 Workout: Harrisburg Iron Pax: SS Minnow, Firebrand, Uncle Floyd, Zin, JD, Red Tape, Othello, Misfire, Hacksaw, Constitution, Gamma QIC: Gamma 11 of Harrisburg’s finest came out to get strong and hold each other accountable. Because that’s what we do. Warm-Up Mosey to the end of the lot SSHs x15 Couple slow Yurpees and […]

August Murph

Date: 08/28/23 Pax: JD, Kojak, Bear Claw, Uncle Floyd, Lugnut, Constitution, Othello, Firebrand, Gamma QIC: Gamma Quick recap of what The Murph is and why we do it… 1 Mile Run (with the Shovel Flag) 100 Pull-Ups 200 Push-Ups 300 Air Squats 1 Mile Run (with the Shovel Flag) Back to the cars by 0615. […]

Say It Ain’t So

Date: 08/14/23 Workout: Circuit Breaker Pax: Minion, Peppa, Bear Claw, Deadhead, Papa John, Uncle Floyd, Talladega, Constitution, Kojak, Gamma Quick review of the routes and workout, then off we went. 1 Mile Run, then go back for the Six First Evolution For time, 5 sets of: 5 Burpees 10 WWIIs 15 Mericans 20 Flutter Kicks […]