Author: Gamma

No Rest for the Weary

Date: 09/23/22 Pax: Exit54, Practice, SSMinnow, Kojak, Mad Dog, Gamma QIC: Gamma Six got stronger at Harrisburg Iron this morning. The rest of you did not. Warm-up Mosey to the end of the lot Various stretches and a couple Yurpees with Mountain Climbers mixed in Back to the bells Main Event 20 Curls 20 Lawn […]

Rail Yard Intervals

Date: 06/25/22 Pax: (in order of appearance) Gamma, Mullet, Kojak, Zin, Escalade, Talladega, Gapper, Misfire, Constitution, Magic Mike, Dick Tracey, Tumbler, Triple Threat QIC: Gamma While others worked on their soccer arms, or didn’t work at all, 13 pushed themselves in a full-body interval workout at The Rail Yard. Warm-up run to the far side […]

Substitute Q

Date: 06/10/22 Pax: Practice, Bear Claw, Clueless, Birdcage, Othello, Papa John, Minion, Gamma (let me know if I missed anyone and will be happy to edit) QIC: Gamma 8 came out for a Q-less Iron, so we adapted as always. #disclaimer Gather around the playground. Discuss what most likely pees in the turf to make […]

No Burpees Were Harmed (or done)

Workout Date: 05/27/22 Pax: TBone, JD, Clueless, Papa John, Smokey, Practice, Hacksaw, SSMinnow, Bear Claw, Moonshine, Gamma QIC: Gamma 11 strong men came out to get stronger…. #disclaimer Warm-up SSHs x10 Mericans x5 That’s enough of that, so… Main Event Part 1 With no breaks, 2 Curls, 2 O/H Presses, 2 Triceps Extensions, then repeat […]

Easy Like Saturday Morning

Date: 04/23/02 Pax: Tumbler, Minion, High Life, Wexler, Kojak, Talladega, Smokey, Bear Claw, Mullet, Teen Spirit, Battery, Constitution, Gamma QIC: Gamma 13, including another Raleigh visitor, posted for this week’s edition of The Rail Yard. #disclaimer Warm-up One (1/2 mile) lap around the track with stops at each corner for: 1: Mountain Climbers x15 2: […]

Young and……Less Young

So, six #respects and one #hatehatehate walk into a shelter… Date: 04/22/22 Pax: JD, Othello, SSMinnow, Bear Claw, Smokey, Minion, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer(ish) Warm-up SSHs x15 Mountain Climbers x15 Various stretches Main Even Round 1 – Chest/Abs 3 sets of: 5 Mericans 5 WWIIs 10 Single Arm Chest Presses 10 Mason Twists 15 Seated […]

Just warming up for a Ripken workout

Date: 03/25/22 Pax: Practice, Wexler, TBone, Clueless, Hacksaw, SS Minnow, JD, Tar Tar, Starsky, Gamma QIC: Gamma 10 got stronger under the bright lights of the Stallings Road Park shelter. Glad someone started paying their electric bills again Warm-up SSHs x20 Various stretches One, single, slow, exaggerated Yurpee Worked through multiple rounds of super-sets, but […]

Pole Mismanagement

Date: 03/05/22 Pax: Solo Cup, Starsky, Yoda, Battery, Dr. Lecter, Exit 54, Tumbler, Zin, Talladega, Mullet, Constitution, Pink, Wexler, Hootie, Gamma QIC: Gamma 17 posted….oh wait, 2 ditched us after their run, so 15 posted for a varsity workout at the park. #disclaimer Warm-up SSHs x20 1/2 Mile Indian Run w/a Hand Release Merican off […]

No Rain, No Gain

12 got stronger this morning, physically and mentally. Ok, well at least physically, but they did have to talk themselves into braving the drizzle between their cars and the shelter. Date: 02/04/22 Pax: JD, Exit 54, Deadhead, Hacksaw, SS Minnow, Practice, Dr. Lecter, Ripken, TBone, Clueless, Solo Cup, Gamma QIC: Gamma #disclaimer Warm-up SSHs x20 […]