Author: Exit54

Been Too Long

DATE: 09/16/22 PAX: SS Minnow, Gamma, Papa John, Static, Bearclaw, Mad Dog, FNG Ryan, FNG Kevin, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   Nine hard-hitting PAX, including a couple of eager FNGs, hit the pavement to get a little stronger… WARMUP: Mosey to the tennis court side of the lot, COP Disclaimer for the new guys […]

Pitchfork Week 4: Local Legend Unchanged

Date: 06/22/22 PAX: SS Minnow, Birdcage, Bonvoy, Battery, Wexler, T-Bone, Banjo Boy, Bearclaw, Hot Dog, Papa John, Exit 54 Q: Exit 54 ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t forget the 5K this weekend being put on by Thickburger and Deadhead’s fraternity. See them for details. Ten runners and one biker were out on the hills of Abbington doing their […]

Forty and Beyond

DATE: 05/24/22 PAX: Starsky, SS Minnow, T-Bone, Bonvoy, Tar Tar, Bearclaw, Dud, Deadhead, Gamma, Wexler, Exit 54 Q: Exit 54   Eleven strong for a celebration of the number FORTY… WARM-UP: Mosey to the box office. SSH x 40 (IC)   THE THANG: 40 Minutes of Tabata, 40 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Recovery – Circuit […]

Last Minute Prep Yields a Familiar Destination

Date: 5/18/22 PAX: Gamma, Wexler, Othello, Bonvoy, Starsky, Papa John, Clueless, T-Bone, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   THE ROUTE: Head east on Main St, left on Carl Parmer, take the hidden right turn into the new townhome development Run straight til you reach Roberta, turn right Right onto Harrisburg Dr, start running the BOX […]

Keep Your Hands South of Heaven

PAX: Kojak, 10 Cent, Papa John, Peppa, Dick Tracy, Sheepdog, SS Minnow, Exit 54 Q: Exit 54   Eight strong for a balmy Monday at the Circuit Breaker…   THE CIRCUIT: 0530 Extinction Mile Start at the corner by Venture Church Mericans x 20 WWII Sit-ups x 20 Jump Squats x 20 Run to the […]

The Box Welcomes One and All

Nine strong PAX for some figure 8’s around the box… PAX: Othello, Bonvoy, Battery, Wexler, Kojak, Hacksaw, SS Minnow, Clueless, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54 THE ROUTE: Mosey thru the Town Center, past Town Hall, left on Hagler, left on Carl Parmer Right into the new development, stay on the main road til you reach […]

Clap Your Hands for Freedom

PAX: Bearclaw, SS Minnow, Starsky, Othello, TarTar, Smokey, Hacksaw, Ripken, Dr Lecter, Wexler, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54 Eleven strong for some constructed sets, with some global PC lessons, and a rhythmic interlude from Tar Tar, along the way… WARM-UP: Mosey to the tennis counts end, COP Disclaimer SSH x 20 (IC) Windmills x 10 […]

Ideal Conditions – Who Needs the Motivation?

Date: 03/08/22 PAX: Othello, Wexler, Bonvoy, Dr Lecter, Big Bird, Bearclaw, Battery, Gamma, Tumbler, Tar Tar, Solo Cup, Deadhead, Birdcage, Starsky, Ten Cent, Practice, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   17 for an eventful lap around the Ridge… DISCLAIMER WARM-UP: Mosey to the portico, COP Windmills x 13 (IC) IST x 25 (IC) Mountain Climbers […]

Mucklefluggin’ Morning

13 Concord vets hit the streets of downtown with a blast from the past with Exit 54… WARMUP: Mosey to 5/3, circle up SSH x 20 (IC) Mosey to the corner of Cabarrus and Ashlyn, circle up IST x 20 (IC) Mosey down Patterson to the greenway enterance, circle up Mountain climbers x 20 (IC) […]