Author: Exit54

Spring into Iron

Eleven of the Burg’s strongest kicked off Spring at Harrisburg Iron… DATE: 03/01/24 PAX: Papa John, SS Minnow, Firebrand, Uncle Floyd, Gamma, Othello, Hacksaw, Bearclaw, Zin, Deadhead, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   WARMUP: Mosey to the tennis court, COP SSH x 20 IST x 20 Penny Pickers x 15 Upper Arm stretches Mosey back […]

Watch Your Footing

Nine men explored new roads in the ‘Burg. Five ruckers went their way… DATE: 02/07/24 PAX: Zin, Talladega, Salty Dog, Uncle Floyd, Constitution, Magic Mike, Gilmore, FireBrand, Hacksaw, Scrum, Kojak, Gamma, Gapper, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54 THE ROUTE: Take the long way around Town Center (Carl Parmer to 49) Right on 49, cross at […]

Wind Tunnels

DATE: 01/10/24 PAX: Gamma, Kojak, Starsky, Oz, Firebrand, SheepDog, SaltyDog, MadDog, Gilmore, Othello, Constitution, MagicMike, Zin, Talladega, Exit54 QIC: Exit54   Fifteen PAX shook off Mother Nature and got after it for some Town Center laps… THE ROUTE: Lap 1: Head east down Main, L on Town Hall Pl, R on Town Center, L on […]

Motivated at the Ridge

DATE: 01/04/24 PAX: Constitution, Uncle Floyd, JD, Exit 54, Dr Lecter, Othello, Gold Rush, Bearclaw, Gilmore, SS Minnow, Mad Dog QIC: Mad Dog   11 highly motivated HIMs rolled over in bed at the sound of their alarms and contemplated letting the alarm win. Instead, they started the day with a small victory and chose […]

(p)Re-Cycled Circuit

DATE: 10/9/23 PAX: Kojak, Constitution, Othello, Dr Lecter, JD, Bearclaw, Talladega, Uncle Floyd, Salty Dog, Peppa, SS Minnow, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   Eleven plus a runner came out to experience the Circuit Breaker had advertised two weeks ago – only to have shelve it for the Murph. THE CIRCUIT: Run the half mile […]

The Gloom was Calling

DATE: 10/04/23 PAX: Mad Dog, Othello, Firebrand, Talladega, Zin, Constitution, Salty Dog, Kojak, Scrum, Solo Cup, Hacksaw, Gulfstream, Wexler, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   THE ROUTE: Head left on Roberta, cross over 49. Run over the bridge, left on to Stallings, turn into the Park. Run through the park, run past the school on […]

Here’s to the Next Ten…

Seven PAX bested the Sack to commemorate a milestone beatdown for the Q… DATE: 09/25/23 PAX: Bucky, Gold Rush, Kojak, Firebrand, Uncle Floyd, Constitution, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   THE THANG: In honor of Lt. Michael Murphy: Run from the Stallings Park shelter to behind Harrisburg Elementary, run one lap clockwise, then a second […]

Too Nice for the Shelter

DATE: 09/01/23 PAX: Papa John, Firebrand, Uncle Floyd, Red Tape, Othello, Zin, Constitution, Bearclaw, Bucky, Lugnut, SS Minnow, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   WARM-UP: Mosey to tennis court end of the lot, COP Disclaimer SSH x 20 (IC) IST x 20 (IC) Mountain climbers x 20 (IC) Upper arm / back / chest stretches […]

All Stars at the Pitchfork

DATE: 08/15/23 PAX: Guinness, Zin, Solo Cup, Papa John, Mullet, Othello, Tar Tar, Paddle, Kokomo, Constitution, Firebrand, Loveboat, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54 Local Legend: also Exit 54 Thirteen All Stars turned out to see the Laurel crown bestowed on Pitchfork’s oldest foe… Not the final Wednesday at the Pitchfork, and not the penultimate, but […]