Author: Dingo

Mount Rut Repeats(MRR)

I had been eying a certain “no trespasses” gravel road leading off into the wilderness for a few year now.  Not sure why we have never run it before, so I thought today would be that day!  I challenged 2 men, @forgotten Jelly and @Softwood to show, as they are on the same KT5K team […]

Easy 4

The announcement was made that there would be a 4 mile “easy” cruise leaving the Tradition AO this morning.  10 men answered the call!  We even saw the re-emergence of Funky Bunch!  Amazing what happens when your wife signs you up for a marathon……again……. 😉 Tried to keep it as flat as possible, as there […]

SRR in perfect conditions!

7 men and 1 mans wife posted for an overdue running of Senator Royal Repeats! 60 degrees, no humidity, it felt like the perfect Fall morning! 3 laps completed by Far, Jelly, Landlord, Urlacher and YHC 2.5 laps by Buckwheat 2 laps by Pongo and Farms Wife Great work by all!!

Hot and Humid

Some strong men came out for what turned out to be a sweat feast! Mileage was from 4 to 14 miles this morning. 1st route was a quick 3.5mile loop – Brutus, Farm, Filibuster, Dingo 2nd route was a surprisingly hilly 4.5 mile route – Farm, Filibuster, Dingo, Major Pain, Landlord, R2D2 3rd route was another […]

10 miler

10 men come out for a humid and hilly 10 miles. The first 4-5 miles was spent on the golf course cart path.  Surprisingly hilly…… The second half was the Mallard Creek Park loop.  5-6 miles on this one. Great work by all!  Especially Buckwheat and Pleasure who got distance PR’s And Red Rocks knocked […]