Author: Casper

Just another day for you and me in Harrisbardise

What’s better than a February run in 54 degree weather?  A Phil Collins reference?? 7 PAX members hit the pavement this morning and paced through the north side and south side of 49, fought off early morning traffic, and made their bodies good.  Our journey was as such: – Former Sports Junction to Roberta – […]

Burpee’s and running, saw no Groundhogs prepping for sunrise

So Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow this morning, predicts 6 more weeks of winter. Would have thought we would have seen in our morning journey, Harrisburg Harry and his posse of Harrisburg Groundhogs prepping for the big day. No such luck. What 6 of the PAX did see was a lot of pavement, grass, rocks […]

If we workout in the rain, we are going to get wet. Birthday Q

Droughts in the Greater Charlotte Metro, not any longer. 7 of Harrisburg’s finest took to the December wind and rain for an old fashioned keep moving beat-down. “Respect” was earned by Q on his 3rd B-Day Q so far. Nice to earn “respect” by simply “living another day”. The shovel flag was planted and off […]

Wildfires and skunks don’t smell so good…….It was my lead after all

4 of The Burg’s pax fought off the not so wonderful scents this morning and beat the pavement for 5 – 5.2 or so miles. After further confirmation, today was my lead…..though we did not know it @ 5:30a, or at least I did not. Glad I got out of the fartsack. Outlook played a […]

No bleachers today. National Coffee Day. Harrisburg is nice in the fall.

Never knew there was a National Coffee Day. Apparently, several members of the PAX were bombarded by messages this morning prior to our start also. Can’t wait for National Linguine and Clam Sauce Day. It is coming, I’m sure of it. 9 fit souls made it to this mornings beat down that went something like […]

Down a hill, up a hill…down a hill, up a hill…down a hill, up a hill…………

12 of Harrisburg’s fastest? made their way to Abbington, some took the new bridge, some ran, and some simply made their way as if it was any other Wednesday early morning. 30 day till BRR and the efforts were amped up today. The shovel flag was planted and off we went. Head out from Abbington […]