Down a hill, up a hill…down a hill, up a hill…down a hill, up a hill…………

12 of Harrisburg’s fastest? made their way to Abbington, some took the new bridge, some ran, and some simply made their way as if it was any other Wednesday early morning. 30 day till BRR and the efforts were amped up today. The shovel flag was planted and off we went.

Head out from Abbington Pool/Pool house parking lot

Down French Fields Lane through 2 cul-de-sacs to end
Up French Fields Lane to second cul-de-sac, Left and
Down Barnage Hall Road, Left and down Hounslow Lane to cul-de-sac
Up Barnage Hall Road, Right and up Barnage Hall Road to cul-de-sac
Down Barnage Hall Road, Right and down Grovesner Street to cul-de-sac
Up Grovesner Street, Right and up Barnage Hall Road, Right and up French Fields Lane to shovel flag
Partial Repeato to 6:15a



– Awesome efforts today
– Everyone definitely getting faster. “It won’t get easier, you will get faster”
– Appears at a minimum Flip Phone set PR today. UCB, RipTide and I could not catch him this week.
– Great to see Deuce putting in the miles this morn.
– If we can run in 95% humidity, we can easily conquer mountains of VA and NC in Sept.?
– “Out on the roads there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be.” Dr. George Sheehan

3 thoughts on “Down a hill, up a hill…down a hill, up a hill…down a hill, up a hill…………

  1. FlipPhone

    Good lead @casper!

    Strong work this morning guys.

    Tclaps to @riptide for running to the PitchFork and back in this himidity.

    Almost caught @Magnificent today … On the first downhill leg. Then it was over.

  2. Gapper

    Deuce may have PR’ed as well, even with his late start. He kept gaining & gaining on me (inconceivable!) til he blew past. I keep PR’ing, but everybody else keeps getting faster too. Strong work by everyone.

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