Author: Bay City Roller

No-Frills Thursday

Date: 11/3/2022 AO: ASEC QIC: Neverland Pax: Trick Daddy, Psycho T, Tombstone, Mayweather, Spud, Scooter, Catfish An oddly warm foggy morning greeting the PAX who rolled out. Good group. Stayed together.  Good chatter and a solid no-frills beatdown.   Warm up  Mosey to that parking lot down that one street that I don’t know the name […]

Halloween Hangover

Q : Total Package Pax : Catfish, Psycho-T, Deertick, Lex Luthor, Fire Chicken, Tombstone Jog around ASEC parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, goose steps Jog to Surgery Center parking lot Circle up SSH x 20 Hillbillies x 20 Mtn Climbers x 20(IC) Hamstring stretch Walkouts x 10 Jog to Belk Parking Lot […]

Through the Darkness

Hops Marlboro Private Ryan Tombstone Bozeman Neverland Homeland Spud Mayweather Only the bravest of F3 Concord showed their faces this morning to get physically destroyed. Here’s how it went… Mosey across Lake Concord Rd to the old bank that I assume is a dentist office now, like everything else over there. WARM UP SSH x20ic […]

I mean, I was tired when we were done

When: 9/21/2022 QIC: PR The PAX:  Spud, Psycho T, Luthor, Cat, El Ab, Buzzkill, Tomby, Slash, Mayweather, FC, Frosty, Homeland, Mayhem, Ticky, and (Former FNG) Brickyard  16 posted.  Delightful weather. Warmup: Mosey to Carolina Courts SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, arm circles… The Thang: Circuit around downtown: 10 hand-release mercs at bottom of CC, run to cat […]

Rounding Up the Episcopalians

Rounding Up the Episcopalians When: 8/9/2022 QIC: PR The PAX: Scooter, Checkmate, Spud, Psycho T, Luthor, Ace, Cat, Buzzkill, Tomby A fine 10 posted. Warmup: Mosey to rehab SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, arm circles… The Thang: Mosey back to ASEC rockpile 4 stations around AO: 5 man-makers, back parking lot, 20 kgbs, 5 pullups, […]

Spartan Alternate

Q: Neverland AO: OTC Pax: Lex, Private Ryan, Marlboro, Scooter, Look Me Up, Frostbite, Total Package, Gooney, Transit, Boo Boo (PAX from Whiteville) Mosey to back of bank SSH x 20 IST x 10 Loose Change x 5 (slow) Arm Circles The Thang: Series of ladders at various points around our fair city. Stop 1: […]

Nantan Lite

Q: Frostbite AO: ASEC Pax: Neverland, Mayweather, Java, MightyMouse, Skinner, TP, Bozeman, Ace, Spud, Deertick, Hipbone, El Ab, Firechicken, Indy, Grover, Scooter, Finishline, Luthor, Trickdaddy, Popeye, PR, Gooney, Phidip, Psycho T, Catfish, LMU, Marlboro, Tombstone, BCR, Photon, Hops A record attendance day (32) in anticipation of a Nantan Lite beatdown Mosey to power plant ISTs […]

Marlboro Virgin Circle Merk

Q:  LMU AO:  OCT Pax:  Mayweather, Mountie, Spud, PT, Scooter, Tupperware, Slash, Tombstone, Neverland, Skinner, Fire chicken, Mayhem , Hops, Marlboro, Luthor 16 pax(cks) in attendance.  Steamy 60 Degree morning. Mosey to 5/3 / Govco parking lot SSH x 20 Arm Circles Various leg stretches Tighten the circle a bit for a few rounds of Circle Merks:  3 Merks each […]

216 Jokes

When: 2/24/2022 QIC: PR The PAX: Tombstone, Homeland, Lex, Ticky, Tupperware, Psycho T, Spud, Hip, Frosty, Marlboro, TP, Scooter, PR Solid 13 showed for a Thursday.  The rest were either scared, asleep, or both. Warmup: Mosey to Hill 216 Climbed it. SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, 10 mercs, mosey to bottom of hill. Pump-faked a hill workout and […]

Be A Light

PAX Skinner Mountie El Ab Hipbone Spud Marlboro Luthor Java Firechicken Neverland Goony Private Ryan Mayweather   Mosey to new deck, swerve right to open parking lot so Skinner wouldn’t abandon us upon entry to forbidden deck Warm Up: SSH x20ic IST’s x10ic Loose Change x10ic Arm Circles fwd/back Windmills x5 OYO   THANG Start […]