Sally Got Us All Hot & Bothered and WET

AO: F3Highlands
Q: buckwheat
PAX: Tubby, Sparky, hugo, buckwheat, Fescue, Illuminati, Lincoln, Poutine, Powerball, Snowsuit
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Thorough disclaimer provided, especially the fact that YHC is not a professional nor is he paid to lead an F3 workout…. Lunge walk and toy soldier back to our bells.

SSH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Merkins, Hamstring Stretches, and Penny Pickers.
THE THANG: Queue 90’s Alternative and Grunge station to the liking of at least one Pax who was new to Mettle (Fescue). Sparky was also digging the tunes….

First Circuit: Standing Chest Press, Shoulder Press, KB Swings, High Pulls, Triceps Extensions. 10 reps each, easy peasy. Repeato this circuit w/ 15 reps. Not so easy. Why not repeato again!? This time w/ 20 reps. Suck fest.

It’s been a while since good Ol Sally (actually Flower by Moby) was played at a beatdown, so I decided to reintroduce her to some of the OG’s while some got their first ride on that B. Simple, do a KB chest press every time Bring Sally Up and Bring Sally Down was said throughout the entire song. Some were over achievers and slayed Sally by doing presses non stop, at least at the start. Kudos! Us OG’s followed instructions and did a slow and steady number on Ol Sally. She appreciated that.

Since we were nice and wet, we stayed down for some Pullovers and Derby Double Taps. Tubby tried to break the concrete and wake up ALL of Highland Creek when doing these. The creepy security guard was unfazed and remained asleep in his/her car.

Skywalker rabbits showed up around this time and took a selfie with us real men in the background. Glad we could boost their confidence!

Mosey to the traffic circle. Grab some curb. 20 Calf Raises, 10 Incline Merks, followed by 10 burpees. Yup, I still hate those.

We walked back to our bells so YHC could catch his breath and then got back to work!

Floor to Shelf x 10. Good Mornings x 15, Sumo’s x 15. Repeato all, same rep count.

Did a little MARY including KB LBC’s, Rosalita’s, Pretzel Crunches, and Low Flutter w/ KB Chest Press. Had a few minutes to spare, so we started some Pax choice exercises. Lincoln called for Squat Thrusts. Hugo brought in some Halo’s. Tubby brought in some sort of KB hamstring exercise which YHC was not coordinated enough to do properly, but it was good! Poutine made us do Power Planks AND we were done. Solid work today, gents!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mount Afton Challenge this Saturday. Free to do. Run, Walk, or Ruck. If you can’t do any of those three, make a donation to NAMI. See prior Slack posts for additional info.

COT: Prayers were said for those dealing w/ MH issues, Damar Hamilton, his family, the Buffalo Bills, and all those fine F3 men who haven’t been out in a while for whatever reason.