Conquering the Ridge

AO: F3Harrisburg
Q: Dr. Lecter
PAX: SheepDog, Wexler, Battery, gamma, Othello, TarTar, tbone, SS Minnow, Bearclaw, Slash
FNGs: None
11 were not deterred by the threat of rain nor a Lecter beatdown. 5:30 hit, a brief disclaimer was given and off we went. Mosey to the base of the Ridge.
SSH x15 IC
IST x15 IC
Penny Pickers x15 IC
Plankjacks x15 IC
Start on one side of the hill, do the exercise, run to the top, do that exercise, run down the other side, do the exercise.

Round 1

Merkins – Start at 20, decrease by 2 each time

Top of the hill – squats x 10 each time

WWII – Count up to 20, increasing by 2 each time

Round 2

SSH – Start at 20, decrease by 2 each time

Top of the hill – air pressed x10 each time

Reverse crunch – 4 count, Up to 20, increasing by 2 each time.
Most guys got a couple rounds of this one.
Mosey the long way to the cars.
Low Dolly x15 IC
Pretzel Crunch x15 IC
Wexler and Kojak are organizing a movie for the orphanage. Be on the lookout for details coming soon.
Mt Afton Challenge coming up in January – Sign up here:

COT: Prayers for all those for whom this time of year is not joyful and peaceful.