MeCa Region – MudRun Pre-Blast

Yo, MeCa PAX! Listen up! Get quiet… you hear that?  Shhh.. listen carefully… Yup, that’s the Leatherneck calling.  Is it taunting you? Maybe. But Saturday is your chance to respond.  Here’s how things will go down:

Pre-race Prep
– Don’t do anything stupid in workouts this week
– Don’t do anything stupid Friday night (e.g., drink too much, try that new Kurdish restaurant, etc.)
– Don’t do anything stupid Saturday morning (e.g., eat something you don’t usually eat before a tough workout; yes you’ll be muddy out there but don’t make people ask questions as a result of your GI issues)
– Make sure your team captain has your cell phone number (captains – get your teammates’ digits)
– Bring your own pre-race food and fuel; we are not doing sundries like bagels or fruit this time
– MeCa will be representing in Badass black F3 shirts if you got ’em (coordinate color with your captain if you don’t, but usually a comfortable, fitted technical/wicking shirt works best)
– Knee-high, non-cotton socks are recommended as are trail run sneakers, snuggly tied and double-knotted (duct taped if you prefer); gloves are also a personal preference
– Probably a good idea to remove rings of all varieties – look up the term “degloving” and I think you’ll agree.

– Captains – Please print the Waiver (see below) and bring it with you

What to Pack
– A trash bag for your muddy, wet, nasty stanky-smelling clothes and shoes (there is an option to donate your shoes after the event if you prefer)
– Change of dry clothes and shoes/flip-flops (maybe a hat if you’re like @Hammer and forget your #haircareproduct)
– An old (but clean) towel (check with the M to be safe), soap, sample size shampoo if you want
– Cash – unlike past years, there will not be an ATM on site
– Food/fuel/hydration – there will be food for sale on site afterward and some food/Gatorade/water at the F3 tent, but any pre-race food (bagel, granola bar, etc.), fuel (gels, etc.) or hydration is up to you
– Beer – there is a #BeerBoat (follow on Twitter @F3BeerBoat) at the F3 Tent for post-race F3Nation libations, but if you want anything for the ride back to Charlotte, please make arrangements to consolidate in a few coolers; We can’t have 30 coolers on the bus and IMPORTANT: NO GLASS
– Bring your AO’s shovel flag!

Saturday Departure Schedule
– The bus will be staging at 0445 and will be departing at 0515 SHARP! Do NOT be late.
– The MeCa buses (two) will be departing from the Concord Mills Mall parking lot near the Steak n’ Shake
– You will be assigned to a specific bus; please pay attention during roll call
– If you are not coming back on the bus, you MUST let me know before you leave

Teams start times and numbers can be found by clicking here.
The Waiver (print, sign and bring with you Saturday morning) can be found by clicking here.
Check out the live timing by clicking here or getting the smartphone app – Android (click here) or iPhone (click here); Sorry @Bling and @JLo – no Windows-phone app… yet. 🙁

The Fourged Hammer
The Fourged Hammer will once again be awarded/presented to the fastest MeCa Region team and will be presented prior to re-boarding for our return to Charlotte.

OEW contribution
After the race and amidst your cleanup and some quality 2nd F, make sure you don’t miss the presentation of the F3 Giant Check to Operation Enduring Warrior at the main stage.  You may have contributed when you originally registered, but we will also be taking up a cash collection on the bus on the way down.  Check them out by clicking here.

Return Trip
We will begin to gather sometime around/after noon for the return trip home.  Please pay attention when you see people starting to gather back at the buses.  We will get a Region photo and present the Fourged Hammer prior to re-loading.  Again, pay attention during roll call – we don’t want to leave anyone behind or have to track you down because you’re on the wrong bus or weren’t paying attention.  And again, if you are not riding the bus home, you MUST tell me before you leave.  We should arrive home sometime between 2-3pm.

Helpful Links
And finally, a couple links if you want to brush up on your MudRun strategery:
The Wiki-Mud: everything you wanted to know about executing at the MudRun
How to Beat the Leatherneck by Purple Crayon
Why the MudRun is a Big Deal
Tips for MudRun Rookies

The F3 Gear Store powered by MudGear

Any other questions, comments or insights, please sound off in the comments below.

Now get your head right and see you in the gloom on Saturday!
MeCa Region MudRun Q


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