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The Thaw

8 PAX woke up, had to reconfigure their gear from arctic to Carolina Winter, and gathered in the gloom. YHC rolled up and had the shovel flag in the ground at 0525ish. After yesterday’s beatdown, YHC mentioned that a “runner’s Q” is needed – as I still had some Pathfinder Endure work to do. To […]

Pre Turkey

5 Posted for the pre turkey beatdown.  Runners and ruckers met and got to business. Runners 4.83 miles with 8 minute miles on average.  Nice work! Ruckers Three including a 2.0 for the ruck.  Two miles and 100 squats, 100 ruck chest presses and 3 rotations on the bleachers made for a good beatdown. (YHC […]

The Couple Was Divided

After a tantalizing post from Cream Cheese to Sparknut about posting for this beatdown, the PAX were reminded of Rolling Stone’s very own bromance between these two.  Sparknut posted after the invitation, but alas, no Creme Cheese.  Like 2 ships passing in the night.  Maybe next time boys. YHC didn’t officially pick up the Q until […]