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F3 MeCa | June 19, 2019

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A Jiffy spotting on the Cruise

May 8, 2019 |

Met at Odell to start large crowd for a Wednesday, disclaimer and off we went.

9 for the cruise while 5 went on to ruck.  The lasso was chosen if you were cruising.  El Sabado pulling to the parking lot … Read More

3+1 for the cruise and ruck

March 24, 2019 |

3 set out for a cruise on a chilly Wednesday morning.  Chachi was the loan rucker.  Course was set to do a Greenway/Marquette loop.  ChaChi appeared to complete 2 fully laps.  Runners warmed up at the entry way to the … Read More

dubbed “Sprint Hog” for the runners and coupons for the Ruckers

February 6, 2019 |

10 total PAX ready for some running and rucking on this 47 degree morning.  It was pointed out early that the QIC mispelled the preblast note on Slack calling this “Sprint Hog, repeat” rather than jog.  The name kinds stuck … Read More

Misty Morning Beat Down

January 3, 2019 | | One Comment

8 Showed for a Misty Morning Beat Down.  QIC wanted to work in a little more mileage than usual.  First with the legal stuff than…

Mosey past Odell BBall courts to the under cover by the playground.

Warmarama: (All in … Read More

Cruise and Ruck on the Frozen Tundra of Moss Creek

December 12, 2018 |

9 journeyed out in the cold after a snowy weekend.  5 for a cruise and 4 to Ruck the icy streets of Moss Creek.  The route was “The Lasso” to keep the PAX together and was deemed safe from ice … Read More

Wet or Dry? Hmmmm….

November 13, 2018 |

7 rolled out for what could have been a completely wet, muddy mess.  The presence of rain and rumbles of leaving early, nudged the Q to pick the “Dry” workout prepared on the “pumpkin spice” winkie.  Briefed the typical legal … Read More

Ghostly Trail Intervals

August 8, 2018 |

5 PAX showed up on time for the RS Wednesday Cruise.  The Q was a last minute commitment to take the PAX on a once ran before interval run on the Moss Creak Nature Trail.  Goal: Change the scenery, challenge … Read More

Another Lasso Loop for RS

July 11, 2018 |

The Thang: Lasso Loop for 5 PAX heading out early this AM

Moleskin: As 5 were present for the cruise at RS today, the Q attempted to plant the flag in some hard ground.  Took longer than expected so we … Read More

Steamy, Hilly Run on the Greenway

June 13, 2018 | | One Comment

6 Pax showed up for a Steamy, Hilly interval run today.  Not the usual cruise as the Q was training for some hills at Whitewater this weekend.

Disclaimer first and off we went.  Easy Jog to the trail before the … Read More