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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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dubbed “Sprint Hog” for the runners and coupons for the Ruckers

  • When: 02/06/19
  • QIC: Roomba
  • The PAX: Roomba, Love Seat, Kilowatt, Manwich, Sparknut, Thickburger, Chachi, Sugar, Steel Cannon, El Sabado

10 total PAX ready for some running and rucking on this 47 degree morning.  It was pointed out early that the QIC mispelled the preblast note on Slack calling this “Sprint Hog, repeat” rather than jog.  The name kinds stuck so we finally dubbed this course the “Sprint Hog”  It now has a name.

6 PAX (Roomba, Sparknut, El Sabado, Manwich, Love Seat, and Steel Cannon) left for the run on the green way that involved jogging to the base of the hill at the the Marquette entrance only to sprint to the top and jog down, then a flat sprint to the dock, followed by a jog to the Astoria base entrance.  This led to a short sprint to the entrance and jog back.  Now time to back track with a long sprint to the dock jog to the base of the Marquette hill entrance and repeat as many times before time was up.

The Ruckers (Sugar, Thickburger, Kilowatt, and Chachi) doing their own thing with a large water can, compliments of Sugar.  They were seen on the greenway as well.

All met back up at the AO for namarama, announcements and prayers.

Prayers for Heat Stroke’s Dad, Fallen PAX Schneider’s family, Sparknut’s brother, Kilowatt’s co-worker’s son, and Sugar’s mother-in-law who was heading into the hospital.

  • On February 6, 2019

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