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F3 MeCa | March 26, 2019

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Posts By Indiana

Ol Blues March Madness Meltdown

March 21, 2019 |

10 PAX, Rain had pushed thru, 40s ish on TEMPs with a North wind.

Mosey from AO to BELK for COP


SSH x 30

Slow AS x 15

Plank with long warm up Broga including leg lifts, down … Read More


March 6, 2019 |

16 PAX

TEMPS IN THE 20s , Clear Skys. Winds light out of the N


Mosey to Carolina Courts

SSH x 30

Mt Climbers x 20

Mosey to THE MOUNTAIN ( My name for the new parking deck)

Read More

Murder at Muckle Flugga; Bodies found at new parking deck

February 27, 2019 |

14 PAX; misty but no rain.

Left AO headed for MF with warm up planned at Rotary Square.

Running down Spring past new monstrous and beautiful parking deck that cost us 25MM..and WHOAAAA..She is open. And nobody is guarding the … Read More

Tar Heel Love Festival with a 4 Corner Trap

February 10, 2019 |

11 Men felt the chill of the air but quickly warmed their hearts with an intriguing run of the ol’ 4 corners. Mosey to Nuclear Plant for quick Warm-0-Roma SSH x 20 IC Cotton Pickers x 10 Mt. Climbers x … Read More

Mornings with Mountie by Jack Handy

February 7, 2019 |

April like temps for 18 tire flipping beef cakes! 63 and rising. Even some bi-pax Kannons made an appearance.

Warm up: Mosey to the rehab center

SSH, Mt Climbers, Walk out MERKS, Cobras

Mosey back to the … Read More

A Different Bar Crawl

February 6, 2019 |

18 pax joined YHC on a journey to visit varied offices of the noblest of professions.  A clear 46 degree day inspired a whole host of warriors out of the fartsack to get this work.

Warmup: Mosey the other way … Read More


February 5, 2019 |

16 men defeated the fartsack to enjoy a nice 45 degree morning beatdown. All participants set out to search for the lost Wolfpack offense.

Mosey to hospital nuclear plant for warm o rama SSH x 20 IC Windmills x … Read More


February 4, 2019 |

8 weekend warriors showed up on a chilly morning. I felt this one the rest of the day. Warmup: Mosey to power plant: SSH icx20 Hillbillies icx15 Arm circles Cotton pickers icx10 The Thang: Mosey to parking deck: At bottom … Read More

Muckle Flugga meets POLAR VORTEX

January 31, 2019 |

15 PAX; 17 degrees, Very cold.

Mosey from AO to Loggers Office near Top of Muckle Flugga


SSH x 20

Cotton Pickers x 5


DIvide into 5 groups of 3 PAX. PAX 1 at bottom of … Read More

Liquid Sunshine Tabata

January 26, 2019 |

18 PAX; Blowing Rain like a Hurricane, 60 degrees. Tabata in the shelter done Hillbilly Style for those of you who remember those. 18 PAX in a circle.

Warm Up

SSH x 10

Arm Circles

THANG; Tabata 40sec AYG, 20 … Read More