Author: Indiana


44F. Winds out of South. Cloudy 01/17/2023 PAX: Brickyard, Popeye, Finish Line, Checkmate, Firechicken, Psycho T, Catfish, Spud, Deertick, Look Me Up, EL AL, Tombstone, Luthor, Java Q Indiana MOSEY down to REHAB for WARMUP SSH x 12 Mt Climbers x 12 AS x 12 REPEAT but with 8 REPS Loose Change to end Mosey […]


60F; Winds SSW at 8 to 10; Light Scottish Rain falling; 17PAX PAX: Spud, Mayweather, Marlboro, Catfish, Deertick, Psycho T, EL AL, Tombstone, Brickyard, Mayhem, Java, Firechicken, Hops, Hipbone, Luthor, Homeland Q: Indiana START in BIG MOUNTAIN (the new deck still under perpetual construction) Run up to 2nd level COP warmoramee PLANK x 2 minutes […]

Thinning of Da Hogs

36F. 13 PAX 11-22-22 PAX: Spud, Tomby, Marlboro, Deertick, Hipbone, Catfish, Luthor, Hops, Bozeman, Homeland, Neverland, Trickdaddy Q: Indy WARM UP – Mosey looping around to grab Tomby rollin in at 531 but lookin fresh; First stop at REHAB for Tomby SSH x 15 IST squats x 12 Slap Jacks x 15 Down Dog Merks […]

And then there was running

StarDate 10/13/22; 63F, Winds slick, Humidity about 92% post showers PAX: The Total Package, Spud, Brickyard, Tombstone, Mayweather, Marlboro, Catfish, Sandtrap, Neverland, TrickDaddy, Pvt Ryan, Indy Q Indiana Mosey the Long way to the drag strip down LePhillip Ct (love that French touch in NC) stopping at a nice quiet parking lot along way for […]


Chilly. Winter is coming. 54F me thinks it was. 13 PAX : Brickyard, Psycho T, Tombstone, Luthor, Bozeman, Spud, Deertick, Homeland, Firechicken, Pvt Ryan, EL AL, TRICK, Indy Q Indy Mosey from AO to flat LOT above Hill 216 going past power plant Quadromania coming up the hill Warm Up as I remember in the […]

Light Sweet Tabata

59F/ 15 PAX PAX: The Total Package, Marlboro, Bay City, Mayweather, Spud, Checkmate, Neverland, Deertick, Sandtrap, Tombs, Pvt Ryan, Homeland, Buzzkill, Bozeman Q: Indiana Mosey down da trail to REHAB SSH x 20 5 Plank Jacks with 5 Merkins for 3 cycles AS x 10 ISTs x 15 Loose Change x 10 Mosey back up […]

Wind N at 5; 67F

13 PAX Scooter, Finish Line, Checkmate, EL AL, Total Package, Tombs, Spud, BK, Hops, Mayz, Homelands, FC, indy   0530 Head to Belk lot avoiding death by car Warmoramee SSH x 15 (because that’s just what we do) Plank Jack with Merkins (5 Plank Jacks 1 Merkin ; 5 Plank Jacks 2 Merkin; etc; Up to 20 […]

TABATA and DEAFNESS is no laughing matter

DATE: 8-11-22 PAX: Buzzkill, FNG David Gomez, Marlboro, Catfish, Tombstone, Grover, Tupperware, Deertick, Spud, Hipbone, The Total Package, Neverland, El Abogado Q: Indiana 71F, Light misty rain at start, Cooler, Winds light and variable WARM UP RUN 1 mile up to NE infirmary and Back COP SSH x 15 DD Merks SLOW x 10 ISTs […]

The Morning Oppression

18 PAX, Temp 72F, Wind SW at 5 PAX: Spud, Deertick, El AL, Mayweather, Mountie, FinishLine, Tombstone, Firechicken, Fescue, WeeMan, Luthor, Catfish, Homeland, Bozeman, Marlboro, Popeye, Hops Q: Indy Mosey from AO to top of the NEW DECK. COP WARMORAMEE SSH x 20 Mt Climbers x 15 Slow DD Merks x 5 Loose Change x […]

Ho Hum Tabata backblast du jour

68F/ Clear/ 10 PAX PAX : Spud, Big Tuna, Tombstone, Deertick, Hipbone, EL AL, BCR, Trickdaddy,Popeye Q : Indiana Slow mosey down to REHAB for WARMORAMEE SSH x 10 Down Dog merks x 5 Loose Change x 5 Rinse and Repeat Rinse and Repeat Mosey back to upper lot at AO near ROCK PILE GRAB […]