Author: Indiana


Clear 30F, winds calm, PAX: EL AB, Psycho T, Professor, Circuit Rider, Catfish, Hops, Popeye, Deertick, Neverland, Tombstone, Private Ryan, Look Me Up, Luthor, Brickyard Q: Indy WARM UP: Run to Rehab Lot. COP SSH x 15 ISTs x 15 Mt Climbers x 15 Plank 5 Slow Merks Run back to AO upper lot near […]


Clear and crisp..slight chill with Spud wearin a cap. PAX: Professor, Look Me Up, Phidippides, Loveboat, Deertick, Catfish, Tomby, Spud, Firechicken, Brickyard Q: Indy Mosey to BELK lot for WARM O RAMEE SSH x 15 Mt Climbers x 15 with short Plank Loose Change x 10 Indian Run around mall with back PAX doing 2 […]


Post Rain, Humidity of 2000, blustry winds from SW, 59F but bitter cold PAX; Total Package, El Abogado, Java, Spud, Marlboro, Firechicken, Catfish, Tombstone Q Indy WARMORAMEE Mosey to BELK LOT COP SSH x 15 Mt Climbers x 15 IC Plank 5 Merkins on a slow 5 count SSH x 10 Brazialians x 10 More […]

7 days before Thanksgiving

8 PAX: Clear and 48F. Winds light and variable. Seas calm. PAX: Pheidippides, The Total Package, The Professor, The Catfish, The TrickDaddy, The Bozeman, The Homeland Q: Indy WARM UP MOSEY to REHAB – Because without rehab we ain’t got much left. SSH x 20 PLANK because Tombstone (absent) has core issues. Plank with stump […]

These are Dangerous Days

OCT 31 2023; Cold Front moving in with winds from N, 59F 16 PAX: Spud, Pheidippides, Total Package, Psycho T, Bay City, Luthor, Professor, Firechicken, Beaker, Tombstone, Homeland, Ace, Look Me Up, Trickdaddy, Popeye, Bozeman Q Indiana WARM UP MOSEY around AO doing high knees and karaoke ending at up lot near rock pile SSH […]

Simple loop WOD on a Tuesday

09/26/23 PAX: Beaker, Loveboat, Scooter, PT, Tombstone, Brickyard, Professor, FireChicken, Total Package, Homeland Q Indy Warm Up Mosey to Belk Lot SSH x 25 ISTs x 15 Down Dog to Up Dog with stretching x several Loose Change x 10 THANG 4 light post pain station loop Start 15 yards E of first light post […]

TABATAFICATION on tuesday 8/22/23

71F and a wee bit muggy; 15 PAX PAX: Loveboat, Marlboro, Beaker, Psycho T, Homeland, Catfish, Deertick, Tomby, Bay City, Luthor, Crabgrass, Professor, Firechicken, EL AL Q Indy WARMORAMEE Mosey around parking lot for 5 minutes ending in upper lot near the rock pile COP SSH x 15 ISTs x 15 PLANK DD Merks x […]

71F and 96% Humidity

7/07/23 13 PAX PAX: Scooter, Circuit Rider, Psycho T, Professor, Homeland, Tombstone, Spud, Catfish, Java, Marlboro, Firechicken, The Total Package Q Indiana Mosey S past to top of Hill 216 and COP SSH x 15 Plank Plank Jacks x 15 Plank Stump Jumpers x 15 Loose Change x 10 Mosey to the top of PARKING […]

tuesday tabata bing

Clear and Fresh Air. say about 58F. Winds Light and Variable PAX: Total Package, Hipbone, Scooter, MaBell, Circuit Rider, Professor, Bozeman, Mountie, Homeland, Gooney, Luthor, Popeye, Tombstone, Catfish, Spud, Psycho T Q Indy WARMUP; Light Mosey with Karaoke and 2 sets of anti Catfish bear crawls with butt down ending at the upper Tabata Spot; […]