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F3 MeCa | February 17, 2019

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Posts By Gordo

Figure 8 cruise

February 13, 2019 | | 2 Comments

On a chilly 40 degree cloudy morning 4 Cruisers showed up joined by 4 more Ruckers.  The Cruisers and Ruckers met but then went on separate ways to do their thing.


  • Starting at Highland Creek Elementary – exit … Read More

Running with a stripper

February 11, 2019 | | One Comment

3 brave PAX came out looking for more fellow brothers for a start of the week run or ruck.  We heard a car coming and we kept on looking for more brothers to joins us… but 3 was going to … Read More

Tennis Elbow Bootcamp

February 7, 2019 | | 3 Comments

An unseasonably warm morning with a breeze brought 11 PAX to the Highlands for a specially designed Tennis Elbow workout. The workout was to encourage all PAX working on tennis elbow issues to come out to a bootcamp without the … Read More

Two Qs to keep your butts warm

January 26, 2019 | | 4 Comments

Beautifully dry morning in the upper twenties drew 16 PAX from various AOs of MECA for a Last Call beat down lead by @Powerball and @Gordo.  Checks were done to assess who had exposed skin below the neck (@KleanUp with … Read More

Beat Google’s Climb to 485 record workout

December 28, 2018 | | 3 Comments

Four Brave PAX not afraid of some December rains came eager for a Speed workout.  @Pavarotti still vacationing in Europe was not present. We saw and waived bye to our Rucking PAX brothers, and YHC announced the disclaimer.


Read More

Fast men run farther

November 17, 2018 | | 2 Comments

16 of MECA’s PAX were able to get out of the fart sack for a beatdown at #LastCall located at Mallard Creek Community Park.  After a rainy week, it might have been just their first or second workout of the … Read More

Me Like Skyline

October 4, 2018 | | 2 Comments

18 of MECA’s PAX were able to get out of the fart sack for a beatdown at Skyline.  It was 9:30PM the night before and I googled Highlands workouts to get some ideas and Skyline popped up.  The first choice … Read More

Q-less Highland Pax

August 9, 2018 | | 2 Comments

It seemed like a regular Thursday bootcamp day with normal August weather where you would see a bunch of Pax gathering for the anticipated beat down.  But it wasn’t.  The Pax came in slow and it appeared that it would … Read More

#Last Call Sweat Down

June 9, 2018 | | 3 Comments

19 PAX representing Comanche, Highlands, Rolling Stone, and Skywalker came to #Last Call for a sweat provoking and somewhat planned Gordo lead beatdown.  No FNGs noted.  Disclaimer provided.


  • Mosey to parking lot next to tennis courts
  • Circle Up … Read More

Easter Bunny Workout

March 31, 2018 | | 3 Comments

12 PAX brothers gathered for a gorgeous morning, a bit cool, but with a full moon, Saturday morning Gordo lead workout.  No FNGs were noted.  A disclaimer was given.  Here is how the work out went: