Author: BanjoBoy

Pyramid of Pain

pAx: Tar Tar, Othello, SS Minnow, Banjo Boy, Wexler* QIC: Banjo Boy 4.001 of the best of the Burg came out this morning to get better and climb (and descend) the Pyramid of Pain. Here it goes. Mosey to the ticket booth to warm up. 20 SSH (what else?) 20 Imperial Storm Troopers 10 Slow […]

No running

6/21/22 Pax: Vin, Solo Cup, Wexler, Practice, Gamma, TBone, Clueless, Starsky, Smokey, Battery, Tar Tar, Bear Claw, Deadhead, Dr Lecter, SS Minnow, Banjo Boy QIC: Banjo Boy 16 thought a run-less workout might be a nice break. We all got stronger anyway. Here’s The Thing: Standing around, enjoying the morning and then stroll over to […]


Seven men left the launch point and seven returned. Beyond that is known only to the individuals. And is also on Strava. YHC announced the course on Slack. Gave it again before we left (seeing that I was the slowest of the pax). It was all going according to plan until a few did something […]

Bluegrass Birthday

15 hard-drivin, rootin, tootin, PAX came out for a hootenanny, rip-roarin good time to help Banjo Boy ring in 38 years of livin.  We wrote a song about it.  Wanna hear it? Here it goes… First we moseyed from the cars, mixed in some high knees and butt kickers.  Circle up (and do-see-do) for Warmarama […]

Recon Mission

Nine of the most fearless men in Harrisburg weren’t skeer’d of the threat of rain and wanted a leg up on any 5k competition so they posted at Road Warrior. Roll into the LP at 0528, turn on the watch and get to it. – Parallel to Patricia – Cross 49 after dominating Pork Chop […]

This one’s for you

A crowd of 18 (or maybe 19) pax beat the streets of old Harrisburg and pushed the limits of what they thought was possible. Here are the routes. 3.5, 4, and 5 miles. Whatever you chose, it was a push. @hotrack can attest, 3.5 is more than a typical walk in 45 minutes. 5 with […]

Missed the Bus

Call it Writers Block, Busyness, Lazy, whatever.  All of this has been mailed in from the house.  Now if i can remember what we did…  There were 11 that when to school and got it done. Warmarama: Mosey down the middle of the parking lot. Circle up and do some SSH x20.  Mosey to an […]

Runnin laps

Seven speedy sirs sped splendidly in the dog days of October and made it happen at Road Warrior this AM. One of the favorites of YHC, a throwback to simpler times of Road Warrior, speed work.  It was a great time by all.  Maybe the hardest workout of them all.  @Solocup and @Calypso wouldn’t know […]

Whole Ciabatta Love

You need cooling, PAX I’m not fooling.  I’m gonna send ya back to schooling. 16 of some of the best guys in Harrisburg came out for a good time at the Ridge. It started out like this… Mosey up the parking lot make a U-Turn and do some Butt Kickers.  Switch it up to High […]