AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: firestone
PAX: heatstroke, Manwich, Kumho, Life Alert, Master Po, Soprano, Clickbait, MC, LoveSeat, Big Bird, firestone
FNGs: None
11 men showed up 5:30ish for the 4th annual Christnadomas! Most donning their gay apparel.

Warmorama: Quick SSH and Windmill sets. Festive music on and off to the portico for some Christmas Pain.

The Main Thang:
Basically sharknado with a 12 days of Christmas twist. Do the exercise and at the corresponding number then lap. Start with the next exercise and work to 1. Lap everytime you hit one. This goes for 12 exercises.
1. 8 count BB
3. Diamond Merican
4. Jump Squat
5. Golden Ring Burpees
6. CDD
7. Big Baby Crunch
8. Squats
9. Hand Release Mericans
10. LBC
11. Mountain Climber
12. Wide Mericans
A picture and then over the hills and through the parking lot to the cars we go…for exactly 6 minutes of Mary.

Virgin Mary:
Christmas themed exercise challenge. Few Highlights
– Little Baby Jesus Crunches
– Why is the floor wet todd
– Peppermint Pretzel Crunch

Truly great to see everyone again and to be able to keep up this tradition!