Reindeer Games

AO: F3Afton
Q: Shooter
PAX: Audit, hokie_pokie, Spaz, yellowcake, Buck, Model T, Opie, Shooter
FNGs: None
WARMUP: A lap around the lot, circle up for some fun- Vertical Snow Angels, Nutcracker Toy Soldiers, Reindeer Sleigh Pulls, Elf Jacks, Sugar Plum Ferry Squats, Snowball Pickers (all 10-20 count)
Grab a block and head across the street.
THE THANG: Shooter’s 12 Days of Christmas
Follow the cardboard Weinke and do each round of reps for each day until you hit 12 days and descend down. After each day is complete, run and out and back route.
See the comments for a picture of the 12 days and part of our Christmas music playlist.
MARY: Nutcracker Whips, Freddie Merc’s bike under the tree and some Santa Clause to Mrs Clause
COT: Opie’s aunt, Patty and the Pax running the H’ville Half
Always an Honor to spread some Christmas gloom cheer.