King Tiger 5K

19 pax dusted off their running shoes, grabbed their Ms and 2.0s, and took to the streets today in the 2015 King Tiger 5K. After a photo opp and “love-centered” BOM shout-out by YHC around the F3 sponsorship tent, we lined up with 388 members of our community and enjoyed a mixture of competitive running and family-focused bonding along this course. T-claps to Urlacher and Landlord who received official race trophies as well as unofficial, but no less important, F3 medallions along with Buckwheat and YHC.

The King Tiger 5K will be an annual “tradition” among the Tradition pax and surrounding AOs, so plan to join us next year for more family-friendly fun along with a spice of competition! This race is a great opportunity to benefit our local YMCA and greenways, as well as invite other #SadClowns to run alongside us!


4 thoughts on “King Tiger 5K

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    It was a lot of fun. Thanks to man down and dingo for organizing this. Also, thanks to man down for praying for us to be better lovers. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Dingo

    That was a good day! 5k with my daughter and F3 family. Followed up by a F3 pool party! The 2ndF was in full force today!!

  3. Gamma

    Nice job, gentlemen! Love the F3 medals. I’m with @Buckwheat – the age brackets at races at BS…they need to have weight classes instead.

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