Note to self: remove Crawl Bear from YHC’s exercise lexicon

Excitement was high in the gloom… so much so in fact that @Nanny showed up before Nanny-time. Of course, @Stoli was still on Stoli-time (YHC has decided @Stoli just finds it easy enough to make up any ground in the first two minutes), @Gordo rolls in hot on Nanny-time and @DogCatcher missed the bus altogether and had to get his mom to drive him to school. A #weakDisclaimer was dispensed along with YHC’s best effort to Chowderize the instructions, making us late to class… detention followed on the fourth ramp of the North Deck. Here’s what happened in between.

Stoli says, “Race you to the North Deck,” then took off wearing his #smokeboots. Upon arrival:
– 5 One-legged burpees (OLB) then up StH to step on the license plate holder silhouette (LPHS) – yes, it’s a subtle nuance from the instructions, but an accurate change.
– 15 hand release mericans at LPHS then back down StH
– 5 OLBs (other leg) then up the Mine Shaft to step on the LPS
– 15 Makhtar N’Diayes (this is what scared @Frodo away this a.m.) at LPHS (adding that H just makes me think its an abbreviation for a high school now; maybe Low Point High School which would be appropriate considering what’s coming up) then back down the Mine Shaft
– 40 Air Squats then run the ramps as follows:
– AYG (including the flat)
– Bear Crawl (sprint the flat)
– Quadraphelia/Backwards (sprint the flat)
– Crawl Bear (sprint the flat) – I think this is where most PAX hit the aforementioned Low Point
– AYG up the remaining ramp/flat to the top then down the Mine Shaft

Repeat the circuit until 0605, then AYG back to the Burrito Station.


– Run the Marine Corp Marathon in October(?) – see @Skipper for details.
– Run the Creek 5k – 9am this Saturday. Sign up online, on Fri @ RFYL Univ. or possibly race morning on site.
– HDHH (and Part 1 of Q School) – 8pm Wed @ Pippa’s (be on time!) – Vets and newbs welcome!
– Q School Part 2 – 5am Thur @ Rolling Stone and Highlands before joining up with the regular 5:30 beatdowns
– Keep @GooGle and his family in your prayers – his M lost her father in a car accident last week

Old School Moleskin
– Great work all around… none of that was easy. @Stoli and @Nanny sure made it look easy, but I know they kept pushing each other to stand on the virtual podium, claiming the coveted prize of… well, nothing (except getting stronger.)
– Don’t know about you, but YHC hit the ramp for the Crawl Bear and after what felt like should be half way there, stopped and looked up only to find I was only about 10 yards away from where I started. Ugly.
– Certainly feeling that one in the hips. Make sure you take a moment or two today to stretch them out… wearing appropriate attire, of course. Pulling off @Kato’s COT yoga move, while good for stretching the hips, is not so good in dress pants, especially if your six is the size of YHCs.
– Approved attire for the yoga stretch: red shorts, black F3 shirt (aka the Eldorado uniform) #twinsies
– Speaking of the uniform, missed @Colonel this a.m…. felt like this was a workout that would have been right in his wheelhouse.

7 thoughts on “Note to self: remove Crawl Bear from YHC’s exercise lexicon

  1. Stoli

    The entire workout was brutal, but the ramp work has never been so difficult. Backward bear crawls were insane and neverending. Thanks, Chowder.

    @The Nanny, you forced out every ounce of energy I had this morning. Including the tacos I ate last night. Thanks, man.

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder That was a rough one. Agreed that the bear crawls (either direction) were the low points. How many hand plants did we have to make for each trip up the ramp during crawl bears? I am glad you asked. 174. Felt like 174,000. Why count them? Just channeling my inner Dropcloth.

    @Stoli Right back at ya. You kept the heat on this morning forcing me to enter stomach quesyville. There were numerous pain induced hallucinations this morning. One of them had me hoping you would sprint up our last StH ascent and then pull out the classic Stoli Dry Heave at the top. No such luck. You just ran fast w/o any dry heaving. BOORING.

    Great to see Chicken Strip out there giving our Tradition brothers some representation.

    Lots of hard work put in by our Rolling Stone pax. Your never give up attitude was encouraging.

  3. Kato

    @Chowder: I think the watermark of a great El Dorado workout is the inclusion of a “think I can” component. Like last week’s lug-a-jug bear crawls, this morning’s crawl bears were such a moment. I was slow, and I stopped, but I finished them; letting me start my day with a minor victory over some stupid suckage.

    In case there’s anyone wondering: While I have come to embrace Yoga in my later years, I have not ever (nor will I ever) wear yoga pants or anything else that resembles them (including the running tights some PAX don in the winter months). My M, on the other hand, wears them often which adds to the pleasure of doing Yoga with her.

    @LawDawg: I appreciate you brother. I don’t post at El Dorado on Monday mornings because I want to. I post because you and I make an ill-thought twitter HC the night before. It’s been great getting to know you on the rides to and from. Hopefully, before long, we can actually fill the clown car.

  4. Gordo

    @chowder- that was challenging. The one mile run back was hard.

    @ chicken strip- thanks pushing me

  5. Frodo

    @Chowder – sounds like a good one. Sorry I missed it. You are right…the MNDs on concrete did concern me a little. Reading that in the Preblast confirmed my decision to go get whipped uptown instead. Looking forward to seeing you all next week for a “typical” Frodo-led El Dorado.

  6. Chicken Strip

    @Gordo – Thanks for pairing up with me again so we can push each other. Nice to have the encouragement.

    @Chowder – Great workout, glad to add another exercise to my hate list: Crawl Bear.

    I’ll see if I can get more Tradition guys to join us next week.

  7. Swami

    Looks so fun that I’m going there this pm to give Halo her first official taste of el dorado.
    @chowder… See you at Run the Creek Sat.
    I’ve been on the ir #haventbeeninawhile
    Noticed no Ridge pax at the beat down ???

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