Tag: District 7

Cold Weather Gear Recommended

5:30 and no pax in sight, but a text from Grid Iron assures me he is on the way. Run in circles around the parking lot like a crazy man until Grid Iron shows up.  Offer him my gloves since he didn’t check the weather before heading out, and we’re off. The Thang Mosey to […]

Seat of the Pants at the District

Three men found their way to District 7 in the gloom for a seat of the pants workout that went something like this: Mosey to west parking lot via main entrance Warm-o-rama Side straddle hop, Imperial storm trooper, Windmill, Air Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers The Thang Mosey to mobile classroom deck via main entrance On […]

Sneaked in an Extra Mary

After some talk about cooler temperatures and jury duty, all pax had arrived and we got to work. Warmup Long mosey around both parking lots and front entrance then back to the cars. SSH x20. Windmill x20. Cotton Picker x20. Merkin x20. SSH x20. 5 Burpees OYO. Mountain Climber x20. The Thang Run the Snake […]

No AO does darkness better than District 7

Four PAX in the District for Exit’s return from sick child-induced hiatus… WARM-UP: Mosey across the street to the Reedy Creek neighborhood, mosey to the clubhouse, turn around and mosey back Pick up Gridiron at the usual time/location and… wait, there’s Thickburger’s car as well… pick up Gridiron and Thickburger and mosey on to the […]