Tag: Acceleration

Keep On Keeping On

How do you follow-up an extraordinary experience like last weekend’s BRR2017? Well, first you grab a beer and savor the moment, then of course you take some time to let the legs recover, then you jump back in the saddle. Two @F3Harrisburg Pax shared the ‘back in the saddle’ portion this morning at HRMS track. […]

Party of Two

With most of the runners in Harrisburg at the BRR, only 2 men made it to the track to get a little faster this morning. There was disagreement over whether the cooler temps were on the verge of chilly or just right, but it didn’t matter. We still put in the work. Warm-up:  1 mile […]

Hill Drill

Have you had enough hill work this summer? Two pax thought not and strayed off-track at Acceleration this morning: Mosey through middle school campus, across Hickory Ridge to Bridge Pointe subdivision to bottom of Foxfield Ct cul-de-sac Foxfield Ct hill repeat x 3 Mosey to intersection of Streamhaven and Mill Landing Dr Streamhaven Dr cul-de-sac […]

The Good, The Bad, And The Banjo

On this cool crisp morning, only two men made it out for a refreshing run around the Hickory Ridge Middle School track.  Although YHC wasn’t feeling too swift, @Banjoboy was up for the challenge and kept the banjo playing.  The workout went a little like so: Warm-Up: -800m run The Thang: -400m run -400m mosey/jog […]