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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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The Ocho

February 27, 2021 |

11 powerful gents entertained the Q’s mysterious Preblast on a decently temperate cloudy morn.  Here’s what had happened:


  • Half mile mosey to top of Mugga
  • SSH x 20
  • IST x 12
  • Loose Change x 10
  • Arm Circles
  • Mosey … Read More

Little o’ this, little o’ that

February 22, 2021 |

Jog to Suntrust Bank parking lot:

Circle up

SSH x 20

IST’s x 20

Hamstring stretch

Arm circles

Jog to Central Methodist Church parking lot

Station #1

Walkouts x 10

WW2’s     x 10

Shawshank Special

February 18, 2021 |

{Morgan Freeman voice initiated}

This is how it came to pass that on the second-to-last post of the week, the 12 pax that battled the elements in the winter of the pandemic of twenty-one wound up sitting in … Read More

.38 Special

February 17, 2021 |

Warm Up

Mosey to CESI

SSH x 15

Loose Change x 5

Arm Circles

Mosey to bottom of New Deck


Level 1 exercise, Run the stairs up to 2 exercise, run the deck down, repeat level 1 exercise, run … Read More

Times Tables

January 21, 2021 |

11 men joined the Q in a mathematical excursion that left everyone satisfied and smiling.  It was cold, but not THAT cold.

warm up

  • Mosey to drag strip, AKA Lee-Ann Drive with dentists and accountants a plenty.
  • SSH x … Read More

Avoid The Ice and the Rona

January 9, 2021 |

Despite cold, ice, and a little snow yesterday, 7 gentlemen showed up. On recommendation of El Ab, the Q audibled location to new deck to avoid running on ice

Ran up deck and stretched some at the top deck.

Then … Read More

Cold and Covid-Free (?)

January 7, 2021 |

11 cold souls showed and were treated with 40 uninterrupted minutes of physical fitness.


  • HIgh knees, butt-kicks, karaoke around ASEC parking lot.
  • Left over right, right over left
  • Soap drop

The Orange Bowl Classic

January 2, 2021 |

11 men, including a visiting Russian, came out to celebrate a once in a generation happening with the Q.  It was foggy and temperate for a ramping good time.

Warm up

Mosey from OCT to the new deck and head … Read More

The Light in the Dark

December 28, 2020 |

18 degrees– very cold, 10 men gathered at 0630 to be better for the day as a result of not being defeated by the cotton monster Warm-o-Rama at OCT: -shoulder circle action -windmills -SSHs -merk-yoga dogs -ISTs That Thang: -burpee native american run … Read More

The Beatdown Before Christmas

December 24, 2020 |

‘Twas the beatdown before Christmas, when all through the  pax 15 strong men were stirring, awake from their sacks; The men were all stood by All Saints church with care, In hopes that Saint Spud the Q soon would be … Read More