Author: Spud

Back to School

When: 9.28.22 • QIC: Bozeman • The Pax: Mountie, Skinner, LMU, Spud, Firechicken, Luthor, Brickyard, Marlboro, Tombstone, Slash, Sand Trap, Popeye, Mayhem, Frostbite, El Ab, Checkmate, Mayweather, Wildcat 19 men showed up to show out with a chill in the air. To soon begiven great quotes.  Mosey to bottom of new deck SSH Arm Circles Loose Change Head up the steps to learn the assignment.  The Thang […]


When: 9/24/2022 QIC: Java The Pax: Scooter, Tupperware. Spud, Catfish, Hops, Popeye, Tombstone. Homeland. Luther, Fire chicken, El ab, Neverland The THANG- Mosey to Coltrane-Webb Elementary schoolyard for Warmarama. Couple sets of mountain climbers, SSH’s, windmills, soap drop. Mosey to track around playground – 5 pull ups then a lap x2-3 reps then off to Carolina courts for […]

Stripper Pole

Date: 9-6-22 Pax: Catfish, Psycho T, No Show, Tombstone, El Ab, Indy, Deertick, Spud 8 men came to delve into the dank muggy gloom to better themselves.  Here it is: Warm Up Mosey to Dragstrip by way of LePhilip Court. SSH x 20 Hillbilly x 10 Loose Change x 10 Arm rotations Then mosey to […]


Date: 9-1-22 Pax: Catfish, Tombstone, Deertick, Indy, Popeye, Buzzkill, Tupperware, Fire Chicken, Homeland, Private Ryan, Neverland, Ace, Total Package, Spud 13 men joined the Q to head up the mountain.  A bit cooler this morning.  Here’s the skinny Warm-Up: Mosey around 3/4 of a mile to right outside the maternity ward at NE just in […]

Plan B

Plan B PAX  Mayweather Franchise Spud TP Tombstone  Marlboro  Private Ryan Psycho T  Homeland Bozeman Skinner Mountie  Neverland FNG Rodney Green 13 men and 1 Private Ryan boldly showed up to what was going to be a brutal beat down, and had their asses saved by 1 FNG and 1 Kotter stepping out of the […]

Guilty Pleasures

Date: 8-16-22 Pax: Deertick, Mountie, Tombstone, Marlboro, Psycho T, Private Ryan, Hops, Buzzkill, Luthor, Skinner, Bozeman, Grover, Hipbone, Franchise, Spud 14 men came to bop along to some bops.  The lightest of mists ensured our comfort. WARM UP Short buttkicker/high knee combo ending at the rock lot SSH x 20 Hillbilly x 10 Loose change […]

A Hero’s Welcome

Date: 8-2-22 Pax: Psycho T, El Ab, Buzzkill, Marlboro, Scooter, Homeland, Hipbone, Catfish, Skinner, Fire Chicken, Finish Line, Popeye, Spud, Kinda Hops but not really, but he showed up at 0530 so I’ll give him some credit 13 men welcomed the hero who would lead them on a mythical quest to get better.  The hero […]

The Damned Stoplight

Pax: Homeland, Private Ryan, Tombstone, Ponch, Checkmate, Finish Line, Look Me Up, Slash, Skinner, Popeye, Mountie, Mayhem, Spud 12 Men joined the Q to protest some absolute bullshit. Warm-Up: Jog to parking lot next to What-a-Burger (inexplicably pronounced Waturbuger) for SSH x 20 Hillbilly x 10 Loose change x 10 Arm circles until we got […]

Johnnie Karate is a beast

Q: Look Him Uuuuuup Pax:  TStone,  scooter, catfish, homeland, pr, fire chicken, hipbone, el Ab, fescue, spud, buzzkill, Luthor, Mayweather  Mosey to bridge:  40 dips OYO Mosey to steam plant parking lot:  Warm it up and core focus: 20 SSH IC Arm circles  Runners stretch Core Killers x 10 Freddie Merks slow x 10 LBC’s IC X 15 2:00 […]