Author: Hipbone

Gobble Gobble

November 23, 2022 Q:     Hipbone AO:    OCT Pax:    Firechicken, El Ab, Pycho-T, Neverland, Mayweather, Tombstone, Scooter, Bozeman, Spud, Gooney, Mayhem, Java Mosey to Concord Engineering SSH x 15 Left over Right/Right over Left Mt. Climber x 15 Butterfly Stretch Mosey to back side of Carolina Courts via the “hood” On you Own […]

What to do, What to do?

November 10, 2022 AO: ASEC Q: Hipbone Pax: Spud, Homeland, Mayweather, Indy, Firechicken, Total Package, Luthor, Tombstone, Hops, Private Ryan, Trick Daddy Mosey to Belk Slap Jacks x 20 IC Right Over Left/Left Over Right Hill Billys x 15 IC Arm Cirlces Mosey toward Hospital Deck Pit Stop on the Way for Bear Crawl Chac-Ka-Lac-Ka […]

You Guys Are The Best

Backblast for 10/11/22: QIC: Luthor Pax: brickyard; deertick; fc; Trickdaddy; indie; tombstone; LMU; catfish; spud; scooter; hops; Luthor; visitor Wedding singer. Mosey to Belk parking lot for warm up The Thang: Indian run around mall and circled back up in belk parking lot. We performed a variety of exercises. During each exercise, 2 pax ran […]

A Bowl Full of Normal with a Twist

August 30, 2022 AO:  ASEC Q:   Hipbone Pax:  El Ab, Pycho-T, Indy, Tombstone, Marlboro, Look Me Up, Spud, Fire Chicken, Homeland, Deertick, FSBO, No Show Mosey to Rehab lot SHH x 15 IC Leg Stretch ISTs X 15 IC Mosey to Belk Lot The Thang On You Own Cricut as follows: Curb – 3 Burpees […]

A Cheap Ticket to Heaven

August 25, 2022 Q:     Hipbone AO:    ASEC PAX:   Buzzkill, Pycho T, Private Ryan, El Ab, Neverland, Indy, Tombstone, Marlboro, Mayweather, Spud, Homeland, Fire Chicken, Deertick, Franchise, Hops   Mosey to Steam Plant Slap Jacks x 15 IC Right Over Left/Left Over Right Walk Out Merkins x 10 OYO Side Stretch Left/Right Mosey to […]

Shake, Rattle & Roll

July 21, 2022 Q:  Hipbone AO:  ASEC Pax:  El Ab, Psycho T, Tombstone, Marlboro, Checkmate, Catfish, Spud, Buzz Kill, Popeye, Total Package Mosey to Reha lot Slap Jacks x 15 IC IST z 15 IC Loose Change x 10 IC Side Stretch Mosey to Mall The Thang  5 Stops around the Mall as follows.  Each […]

Back In The Saddle

July 13, 2022 AO: OCT Q:  Hipbone Pax:  Spud, Indy, Tombstone, Ace, Luthor, El AB, Popeye, Scooter, FireChicken, Marlboro, Look Me Up 75 Degrees and Muggy as Hell…not a fart of a breeze Mosey to New Deck Lower Level SSH x 15 IC Left over Right, Right Over Left Loose Change x 10 IC Merks […]

IT Band Test I

May 26, 2022 Q: Hipbone AO: ASEC Pax:  Big Tuna, Slash, Neverland, Grover, Skinner, Mayweather, Hops Marlboro, Homeland, Spud, PT, Trick Daddy, LMU, Tupperware 16 brothers posted after apparently taking a rest day Wednesday according to Wednesday Q Mosey to Steam Plant SSH x 15 IC Left over Right/Right over Left Side Stretch Mt Climbers […]

Between Burpees & Broga

April 28, 2022 Q:     Hipbone Pax:   Spud, Checkmate, Finish Line, Total Package, Private Ryan, Frostbite, Tupperware, Homeland, Marlboro Nice Cool morning for 10 brother to meet the gloom and start their day right. Mosey to Steam Plant SSH x 15 IC Left over Right/Right over Left Paleo Squats x 3 Mt. Climbers x 15 […]

Back Up Q

Backup Q AO: OCT Q: Scooter Pax: Baycity, Grover, Mayweather, Marlbroro, Neverland, Big Show, LMU, Firechicken, Ace, El Ab, Luther, PsychoT, Spud, Tombstone, Mahem, Skinner, Popeye, Slash, Scooter 19 posted on a chillier than expected morning. Warm up: Rotary Square SSH x15 Mountain Climbers x10 Arm circles IST x10 Stretch The Thang: Up the new […]