Author: Hipbone

Stormy Morning

May 9, 2024 AO – ASEC Q – Hipbone Pax – Spud, Homeland, Catfish, Neverland, Popeye Tombstone, Night Vision 4:30 am booming thunder and lightning called with an audible on location.  Probably would have been ok…maybe, but not a fan of dodging lightning bolts so the deck it was. Mosey around Levels 2-3 to warm […]

The Bar…Not The Drinking Kind

Feb 28, 2024 AO – OCT Q – Hipbone Pax – Spud, Loveboat, Crabgrass, Popeye, Firechicken, Private Ryan, El Ab, Neverland, Brickyard, Mayweather, Skinner, Java, Deertick 60 degrees at 5:30 in Feburary…..Damn, Spring has sprung.  Nope, 35 tomorrow but 14 enjoyed the morning. Mosey to New Deck SSH x 15 IC Right over Left/Left Over […]

Deez Nutz

AO: OCT When: SAT 20 de JAN ’24 QIC: El Ab PAX: Cat, TP, Neverland, Tomby, Spud, Luthor, El Ab, WARM-o-RAMA at OCT: Univ of Cincinnati Sports Institute-approved warm-ups– novel concept to warm up before running at face pace Native American Run:  0-2 burpees (each PAX respective decision) from OCT to Old Deck, New Deck, […]

What a Drag

What a Drag 6 of the AO’s hardest men showed up on another cold morning to do something so admirable that 1 man would spent 42 minutes looking for them so he could join even though he was late. Run across 5 lanes of traffic to the Dentist Office to warm up SSH x20ic Loose […]

2024 Day 2

1/3/24 Q:   Hipbone AO:  OCT Pax:  Skinner, Java, Tombstone, Popeye, Hops, Mayweather, Love Boat, Luthor, Scooter, Spud, Buzz Kill, Marlboro Mosey to New Deck SSH x 20 IC Yoga Mt Climbers x 15 IC Arm Circles The Thang Own Your Own Deck Cricut Bottom – 10 Mike Tyson Quadra-Mania up first Ramp Level 2 – […]

62 & 10

Sixty-two and Ten! Ten exercises times sixty-two reps     Q :  Total Package Pax :  Spud, Homeland, Grover, Phidippedes, Private Ryan, Popeye, Scotter, Psycho T, El Ab, Fire Chicken, Lex Luthor, Loveboat (at coffee)     Jog to Central  Methodist parking lot   Circle up – upper parking lot SSH x 62 Burpees x […]

Look Me Up Special

F3 12.5.23 ASEC Sneak a plank in Q: LMU Pax: Cat, TStone, Psycho T, Spud, Homeland, PR, Ace, Loveboat, Hip, Trick D, Fire chickens, Luthor, Beaker The good type of chili temp present.  Waited for 3 people.  Spud, Hip and Tombstone.  They are pseudo hard. Mosey on up to the college of health sciences to warm it on […]

Poker Run

December 6, 2023 Q – Hipbone AO – OCT PAX – Brickyard, Crabgrass, Firechicken, Java, Catfish, Luthor, Neverland, Pycho T, El Ab, Tombstone, Mayweather, Popeye, Look Me Up, Skinner, Loveboat, Hops Mosey to Central UMC Lot Slap Jacks x 15 IC 5 Down Dog Merks Leg Stretch Side Stretch Mosey to Old Lot The Thang […]

10 Years in the Making

November 28, 2023 AO – ASEC Q – Hipbone PAX – Homeland, Catfish, Firechicken, Luthor, Neverland, Tombstone, Professor, Loveboat, Private Ryan, Popeye, Circuit Rider 12 Brothers gathered in the cold of the gloom to help the Q celebrate his 10th F3 Anniversary. Mosey around parking lot Butt Kickers High Knee Karaoke each way Circle Up […]

Oldie with a Twist

November 8, 2023 Q:     Hipbone AO:    OCT Pax:   Firechicken, Spud, Brickyard, Deertick, Tombstone, Java, Mayweather, Private Ryan, Neverland, Skinner, Beaker, Loveboat, Crabgrass, Mountie, Look Me Up, Mayhem, Grover, Homeland, Hops. Awesome temps and big, loud, crowd for Political Wednesday.  I really hope this group will one day be close enough to say what […]