Monday Mettle Madness – The 60’s Strong

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Snowsuit
PAX: Life Alert, Pox, Manwich, heatstroke, Spooner, Vespa-Odell, Hot Pack, Clickbait, Snowsuit
FNGs: None
It was my honor to lead such a fine group of HIM today! Thank you. The cold air returned to the gloom for a cold hard mettle bootcamp today, which went something like this:

SSH x19
Penny Picker x15
IST x15
Windmill x10
Mountain Climber x15

The Thang: 60’s Strong
10 KB Thrusters
10 KB Bent Over Rows
10 KB Curls
10 KB Squats
10 KB Tricep Extensions
10 KB Swings
1-3 4 x 4 Burpee (accumulate +1 after each set)
Complete 3 sets.

30 KB Chest presses
20 KB Freddy Mercury
10 KB Sit-ups
4-6 4 x 4 Burpee (accumulate +1 after each set)
Complete 3 sets.

If time allows
20 Upright Rows
20 Lawnmower Pulls
20 Halos
7-9 4 x 4 Burpee (accumulate +1 after each set)

KB Flutters, LBC-KB, W-KB, Heavy Rosalita

COT: We prayed for @Poutine, @Greek’s son Stetson, @Life Alert’s Uncle’s wife and all families respectively.

#f3dawghouse 7yr Anniversary is this Saturday 18 Mar 2023.
#f3comanche 4yr Anniversary is Tuesday 28 Mar 2023.
The Passport Challenge continues until the end of April 2023 so get out there and visit some other AOs!

Thanks again for allowing me to visit your fine AO. The Passport Challenge is a great way to get out and meet new PAX and learn new workouts to take back to the home AO.