What, you think you will melt??

AO: F3Rollingstone
PAX: Detention, heatstroke, Life Alert, LoveSeat, SugarF3, Vespa-Odell
FNGs: None
To the best of my recollection:
No disclaimer- all veterans today. Nice warm rain, what’s the problem??
Mosey followed by toy soldiers, Luke Keuchley, quadraphelia, SSH, pickers of some kind, Abe Vigoda, IST
Mosey to front shelter- will we stay dry?? people’s chair with air press, burpee chains and BTW. Some finally figured that one out.
No we will not stay dry…but the rain mostly had stopped by then. Mosey to greenway, 20 incline merkins and bear crawl length of the bridge. It was unreasonably slippery. Wait on the six and mosey to next bridge with 20 merkins and on to the picnic table. 10 to 1 ladder of dips and prisoner squats with the run to bridge and back in between. Mosey to Marquette, no time for much else so run up the hill and to the corner for 20 merkins and pick up the six. Mosey to front of greenway for 15 MH facing our fans.
30 LBC, 15 whole lotta Rosie, 10 low flutter all IC
Prayers for Nicky (Sugar’s mom) & Kelly (Detention’s wife)
Thankful for the spring weather, the PAX here today, and since we should always lift up those lesser than ourselves, we prayed for the PAX that slept in today.

Until next time!