F3 Deck of Cards and the new Nantan

AO: F3Comanche
Q: forgottenjelly
PAX: Slash, buckwheat, pongo, hammer, forgottenjelly
FNGs: None
YHC signed up to Q for the first time since sometime in either late May or early June. Coming back to F3 in November after 5ish months of dealing with long COVID, I knew it was time to step up and Q. I’m glad I did because I would’ve gone back to bed this morning. It was pouring. Thankfully I had already planned to use my trusty F3 deck of cards so it was easy to be under cover. I rolled in around 5:29 to see our relatively new nantan (Slash) driving in circles in the parking lot. We quickly parked and walked over to the front of the school under cover. As I took out my deck of cards Slash informed me that he contacted Yellowcake yesterday to make sure that we were doing a workout and not just playing cards. Soon after, around 5:31 or so, Hammer, Buckwheat, and Pongo came in hot and joined us for the workout.

WARMUP: I chose to forgo the run because of the aforementioned rain. Instead we did the following: SSH, ISTs, penny pickers, and…I think that was it.

THE THANG: I set out the deck of cards and explained the process. Each of us would pick one card with me starting. Pongo was next, then Slash, Buckwheat, and Hammer. That’s one round. Five cards per round. In between rounds we ran, again under cover, to break it up. I made sure to tell the pax to be careful of the cards. This worked, until…Slash kicked them when we did one of the exercises. Way to go new nantan. However, he kinda redeemed himself soon after this when he told us that one of his children said it looks like he forms a heart with his hands when doing squats.

Here’s what we did:
– Monkey humper x 17
– Carolina dry dock x 14
– High knees x 19
– WWII situps x 12
– Low flutter x 100 (single count)
– Mountain Climbers x 25
– Shoulder taps x 25
– Monkey humpers x 25
– Pretzel crunch x 15 (each side)
– SSH x 100
– Quadraphilia down and back
– Merkin x 18
– Lunge Walk to end of walkway and back
– Lunge x 15
– Heels to heaven x 14
– Butt kickers x 20 (10 each side)
– Arm circles x 100 (50 forward, 50 backward)
– American hammer (mason twist) x 25 (each side)
– Chuck Norris Merkin (on your knuckles) x 13
– Incline merkin x 20
– Derkin (replaced with Merkin) x 17
– Freddie Mercury x 25
– Lil baby crunch x 17
– Elbow plank (60 seconds)
– high, slow flutter kick x 13
– Merkin x 25
– Karaoke (short distance down and back)
– Side lunge x 14 (7 each side)
– Low, slow squat x 9
– Backward lunge x 18 (9 each leg)

MARY: No mary!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Yellowcake has the Q this Saturday at Afton for an Ugly Sweater beatdown.

COT: Prayers focused on the continued battle countless people around the world with their mental health.