Don’t Q on 4 hours of sleep

AO: F3Kannon
Q: schnitzel
PAX: SugarF3, Squid, Risky Business, ChopSaw, Heisenberg_Kannon, Grandmaster, Gunny, Big Tuna, schnitzel, The Burgh, Java
FNGs: None
Slight drizzle this morning, so meet in parking deck.
Mosey up 1 ramp, back down and gather for unorthodox warm-up.
Motivator, but took some doing to get on track.
Windmill merkins
Running with Scissors
Arm circles
Variation of No Mas. Different run version up each ramp of the deck to the top. Variations include, quadraphelia, lateral, karyoke, frogger (or bunny hop for some), bear crawl, power skip and everyone’s favorite – burpee jump. Well done.

Come down steps stopping at each floor for 1x burpees 2x WW2 3x merkins, for each floor number. No basement.

Revisit the ol Schnitzel death march, mosey down Main a ways, while Java is within ear shot. Come back doing 4 lunge steps, 4 merkins, 4 bear crawls – repeat. Back to deck for…
LBCs, Low Flutter, Mason Twist, Superman-Banana, stretching…
Christmas Ruck, 12 days of Christmas, all on Slack.
Sorry for the brain scramble this morning. I was working on Christmas present for family – picture book of wild west adventure – and time got away from me. Anyway, hope everybody got their money’s worth. Great to have @Sugar come out and visit The Kannon. He and I started at RS within about a week of each other, a few years ago. I have the flag on my back deck, should make it’s return for the Monday run.