Daddy, Cheeks a Clappin & Eating Oysters

AO: F3Comanche
Q: buckwheat
PAX: Avalanche, buckwheat, hammer, pongo, forgottenjelly
FNGs: None
Jelly was first to arrive, following by YHC and Avalanche on two wheels.

We got started with toy soldiers and a lunge walk to our typical Warm-O-Rama spot. During the journey to warm-o-rama spot, YHC told a story from Call of Duty last night that involved me being some poor kid’s daddy. Actual kill cam sound was portrayed to the Pax much to their amusement.

Hammer missed it as he showed up his customary 10 minutes late near the end of warm-o-rama.

We did some arm circles, Michael Phelps, merks, low slow squats, SSH’s (Papi speed), penny pickers and windmills.

Avalanche requested to stay warm and so we did. Grab some curb and do 10 merks followed by 20 mountain climbers. We then mosey’d to the high school across the street, stopping along the way for some WW2’s, calf raises, and some other exercises that I already forgot about. Mosey back to the bus lot for some diesel fueled Cinderblock work. Shoulder Press, Curls, Chest Press, Skull Crushers, LBC’s, more curls, and Sumo Squats. We put our bricks down temporarily and ran to the very back of the school to the hill by the baseball field.

Five Burpee’s at top of hill, run down to the second flight of stairs to the bleachers for 20 step ups and then run to the first flight of stairs and Spider-Man Merkin up each step. Add 5 more burpees for good measure. 20 WWII’s and mosey back toward the bricks. Stopped at the curb for around the clock merkins. We then hit picnic tables for incline merks and dips. Mosey over to the back school wall for a 1 minute wall sit w/ toe touches, followed by 10 Mike Tyson’s and 20 donkey kicks.

Back to the blocks for some curls, sumo squats, and goblet squats.

Mosey back to elementary school, stopping along the way for some CDD’s which Pongo thought looked like we were eating oysters. Jelly and I thought this was some sort of Puerto Rican slang and didn’t understand until we realized that Papi was just a dirty old man. Thus, we continued our Mosie stopping at Cox Mill Road for some monkey Humpers. Went back at the elementary school, we did several ab exercises, which included some combined J Lo’s and pickle pounders. Figured I’d just keep the dirty theme going. Hoping that the early morning school staffers got a glimpse of all that….

Some good shatter and a lot of laughs today. Everyone put in work! Thanks for joining me on this cold morning, men. I know I kept warm, hopefully you did too!