Let’s Spell TURKEY

AO: F3Afton
Q: hop_hunter
PAX: Guinness, Spaz, Kojak, Phidippedes, bigblue, 4-wide, hokie_pokie, Geppetto, terribletowel, Iron City, Shooter, yellowcake, hop_hunter
FNGs: None
Perfect morning for some Turkey Day prep work. YHC discovered a few new fun exercises this past weekend in Annapolis that YHC knew the pax would love. It went something like this…
WARMUP: Slap Jacks, Windmills , Penny Pickers , Mountain Climbers
T- Turk n Burp x10
U – Up Straddle Hop x15 each leg
R – Rockette Hillbillies x10
K – Kraken Burpee x5
E – El Capitan (Lunges)
Y- Yurpee x10
After each run to the speed bump and repeat exercise
Next up: Ladder at Hill – 11s WWIIs / Bonnie Blairs
Bear crawl to the top

MARY: Love Handle Eliminators x20 (both sides), Barnacle x20 IC, Scissor Dolly’s x20 IC
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Christmas Party next week on 12/1.
COT: YHC is thankful for each and every one of you. This group changed my life. Let’s not take these “good ole days” for granted. Prayers for everyone to have a great Thanksgiving with their friends and family. Also, we continue to lift up Patty and Audit. Safe travels for those on the road!

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